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Thread: Project Off Grid - rob in the page Family - Live Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob View Post
    Scott, thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas. I had a wonderful time and the people who attended live had some great questions. The support was inspiring and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    rob in the page family
    Keep up the great work rob and keep us updated on the progress of Project Off Grid


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    Yes would be lovely to hear how you are doing rob, your interview was really interesting and inspiring
    :wubs: sammasati :wubs:

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    Re: Project Off Grid - rob in the page Family - Live Chat

    Constructs of Freedom
    rob in the page family

    June 10, 2012


    Conscious vs. Sub-Conscious Mind
    Name:  conscious-unconscious.jpg
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    When I started this journey 7 years ago, I never contemplated how much learning and change would be involved. After all, how difficult is it really to live off grid and govern yourself? I find that my conscious mind is very busy working through some of these new ideas and figuring out how to integrate those ideas into my current life. The capacity for the conscious mind is much smaller than the sub-conscious mind and each mind has a very specific purpose and function. The conscious mind is used to work on new ideas and tasks that require detail, focus and precision. I also believe the conscious mind is also responsible for programming the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is the auto pilot so that we don't feel so overwhelmed with the details associated with tasks in our lives.

    I find that once the conscious mind has worked on a task for a while, the sub-conscious mind will start picking up the work load which frees up the conscious mind to work on other tasks and help improve performance because it is very fast compared to the conscious mind. In the martial arts, it takes time and lots of repetition to train the mind and the body so that the conscious mind does not have to do all the work. With the right training the student finds a significant improvement in performance, accuracy and speed.

    Deprogramming the sub-conscious mind from living in slavery and re-programming it to live in freedom takes time, work and consciously being vigilant on the task at hand. It takes a long time to learn it because the conscious mind is 100% focused on the task and needs to remain focused in order for the sub-conscious mind to start picking up on the re-programming that you are doing. Vigilance and Persistence is the name of this game. Remember when you first got behind the wheel of a car and started learning how to drive? Do you remember how focused you were and how much energy it took to remember all the tasks that needed to be done? Do you put that much focus into your driving now? No, of course not. That is because the sub-conscious mind has taken over the vast majority of the tasks associated with that activity. What would it take to live in freedom the same way you breath or walk?

    We have lived as slaves for so long we are not even consciously aware of what we are doing. Breaking down that old programming and putting in new programming is going to take a lot of conscious work, just like learning how to operate a car, except there is a lot more involved in this task. This path requires asking questions, challenging old belief structures, examining the words that we use and doing all this in the conscious mind for months; all so that we can re-program our sub-conscious mind. For many it will also require having a coach to challenge and hold us accountable during this transition.

    I called the website "Conscious Self Governance" for a reason; to bring awareness back to the conscious mind, to challenge the slavery mentality of the sub-conscious mind and help people do the work so that we all can live a life of freedom. This process takes time, a will to change and very hard work. I've been on this path for a long time and I've seen a lot of changes in my life. I continue to find new and better ways of viewing the world and challenging myself. There are always areas of self improvement and each step results in more lessons learned. If you are ready and willing, feel free to visit my website. For those who are ready to take the next step then you may want to consider membership. Most people don't realize that on the private side of the website you can find my "Journey Towards Truth" weekend workshop online (17+ hours of video) as well as several dozen classes that I've held over the past 8 months. The classes cover topics such as 'How to deal with debt collectors', lessons learned on building the earthship and many more. You can attend these classes live (details below) or you can catch them later on as they are recorded.

    In the mean time, enjoy the free news letters that I send out. If there are topics or questions that you have, feel free to write me and I'll address or answer them in future news letters.

    peace to you all!


    Greenhouse Update

    Progress on the Greenhouse is very slow due to all the rain we received in the past few weeks. Good news for the garden, crops, pastures, trees and our cisterns, but not so good for construction of buildings made from dirt. Looks like the forecast for this weekend will be much the same. Keep in touch as we will let you know when the next weekend greenhouse work bee will be. I suspect one more weekend and we will have all the dirt pounded and then we can start framing in the building, constructing the rocket stove and put glass in too.


    Viewing classes and workshops with a smart phone

    It appears that some members are trying to view content on the website using their smart phones and it is not working. I will start working on resolving that technical issue and I ask that you be patient as we work through this and find a solution for you. If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how I can improve the site, please let me know. Thank you to all those who spoke up and shared their thoughts and feelings.


    Last Weeks class with Ben Stewart

    It is not very often we end up sharing intimate thoughts and feelings about the emotional journey we are on, but that is exactly what happened last week with Ben and I. We had an absolutely wonderful conversation about feelings, Ego and other topics that fit well within the spiritual, mental and especially the emotional body. As with all our classes, it was recorded so you can still catch the class if you are interested.

    My Mission

    There are a lot of people waking up and discovering that the commercial food available in the stores is not healthy and in some instances are down right dangerous. Risk of injury or death from interacting with the medical system is sky rocketing. Large corporations seem to get sweet deals when they want to work on their projects with little regard for the individual. On top of all that, it does not seem to matter who you vote for in an election, the policy of the government seems to favor big industry while the poor and middle class continues to suffer.

    I help break through the deceptions and lies for people who are struggling to find healthy, environmentally friendly alternatives to live so that they can have the freedom to choose which foods they eat, choose how they will maintain the health of their family and have the freedom to choose where and how they live because deep down in their heart they conscientiously object to what is taking place in the world and they want to be empowered to do something that can truly make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their friends and family.

    What sets me apart from others is that I walk the path, I speak from experience, I call things as I see them, I share the challenges and successes in my life and I break through all the confusion and misdirection so that we can focus on what is truly important so that we all can focus on getting things done in a peaceful and practical way. I am very good at breaking down extremely complex issues so that they are easy to comprehend and accomplish so people can start making meaningful changes and start living a free, healthy and rewarding adult life at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

    So if you want to learn more then visit my website or e-mail me today. If you have already made the choice to be the change you want to see in the world, then sign up to be a member. With any journey, they all start with a single step. Membership fees will be changing soon, so sign up before they 'change'.

    If you want to share your story in how my work has already influenced you or what 'gems' you received from viewing my work, then please e-mail me your testimonial with a picture of yourself. With your consent I would like to share your stories with those who read my fliers each week to show that together we are making a difference in this world.

    Word of the Week: private

    private 1. Of a person: Not holding public office or official position. 2. Kept or removed from public view or knowledge; not within the cognizance of people generally. 3. Not open to the public; intended only for the use of particular and privileged persons. 4. That belongs to or is the property of a particular individual; belonging to oneself, one's own. 5. Of or pertaining to a person in a non-official capacity. 6. Of pertaining or relating to, or affecting a person, or a small group of persons apart from the general community; individual, personal. 7. By one's self, alone; without the presence of any one else. 8. Of a conversation, etc.: Intended only for the person or persons directly concerned.

    Source: Oxford Unabridged Dictionary (1956)

    private 1. Relating or belonging to an individual, as opposed to the public or the government. 2. (Of a company) not having shares that are freely available on an open market. 3. Confidential; secret.

    Source: Blacks Law Dictionary (8th Edition)

    privacy Provisions in federal and some provincial legislation that "relate to an individuals' access to an use of personal information in government data banks concerning himself ...." G. Gall, The Canadian Legal System 460 (4th ed. 1995). See, e.g., Privacy Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. P-21; Privacy Act, R.S.N. 1990, c. P-22.

    Source: Canadian Law Dictionary (5th Edition)

    I think some people may get confused when the authorities use the word private and what that word really means vs when we use the word private. It was very difficult for me to make the separation as the word private is used in the public all the time. However, even the public has 'privacy' issues but that is very different than me being in the private exclusively. I still stand on the concept that the government and all their statutes, regulations, etc are for the 'public' only and have NO authority, jurisdiction or ownership in the private. If they have records of you in their 'public' databases then they have a duty to ensure that is not shared with other people (keeping it private) but that information is still in the jurisdiction of the public and they are responsible for the safe keeping of that information. When we register, apply or sign any documents or agreements with the state we are leaving the protection of the private and venturing into the public. At that point we cross that line from the true 'private' into the jurisdiction of the 'public' and that is what I believe has occurred over the past few decades. It is difficult living in the private because most everyone else is in the public. I believe we are living under God's jurisdiction if we stay in the private and accept NO benefits or privileges from the public. I believe we are under the states jurisdiction when we live in the public and accept even some of their benefits and privileges.


    Matthew 22:21

    They say 3004 unto him 846, Caesar's 2541. Then 5119 saith he 3004 unto them 846, Render 591 therefore 3767 unto Caesar 2541 the things which are 3588 Caesar's 2541; and 2532 unto God 2316 the things that are 3588 God's 2316.

    I believe what this means is that division between the private and the public. If Caesar has his image on it or provides it as a benefit or privilege then there is a duty to the public. However, if it is a benefit or privilege granted to us by God then there is a duty to that and I believe it rests outside of the public and is in the private. What I find very interesting is that I found a news article from February where a lawyer said almost exactly the same thing I just said and it demonstrates how some people have not figured this out yet.

    Name:  manitoba anti tax.jpg
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    This lady continued to bill the public system for her services in which she received a benefit and a privilege. As such the court ruled that she owed the tax. At the end of the article the Crown Prosecutor went on to say 'Chobotar didn't choose to live on an 'island' but benefited from taxpayer-funded services such as roads, police, fire protection and schools and the safety net that keeps society from falling apart.' Pay unto Caesar as she also received the benefit of income straight from the public too!

    With that said, if I choose to live on an 'island' - lets say Turtle Island, and I refuse all the benefits offered by the public then is tax payable? Based on the research that I have done; Nope!

    As a side note, I found out that this article has been removed as I can no longer find it on line. Interesting!

    Know the difference between public and private!

    Name:  local organic.jpg
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    Our eggs come from our Heritage Buff Orpington chickens. We let them out
    each day to scratch and eat from anywhere on our farm. They have access to green grass, leaves, bugs, mice and all kinds of goodies that helps ensure for a high quality, great tasting egg. We supplement their diet with milled oats, barley, alfalfa and wood ash which is harvested right here on our domicile or on dad's farm to ensure they receive high quality protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet. These chickens are now the 3rd generation that we raised here with no vaccinations, inoculations or medications of any kind. Our eggs are so good in fact, that our customers did blind taste tests to compare our eggs with organic farmers market eggs and eggs from the stores. Our eggs bet all the other eggs every time!

    If you have any questions about the benefits of free range organic eggs then visit for more information.

    If you want eggs please e-mail Sylvie at She will then contact you and work on arrangements for you to pick up eggs in Edmonton. If you want to save shipping costs, you can pick them up directly from us at our domicile. Just drop me an e-mail to make arrangements.

    Class Schedule

    June 12, 2012 -- Custom

    I will talk about the power of Custom and how even custom can trump law. I will show how the Queen even swore an oath to protect the laws and customs of the people and how we can start engaging custom to exercise freedom and liberty. I discovered that custom is also protected and recognized in the 'Legal' system and perhaps there is a remedy there that can be utilized to help take our power back and ensure that the powers that be behave themselves. I will use this class to explore this topic as I have already started using custom in my 'Free Will' and already served the state with this document. If you are unaware of my 'Free Will' then please review that class before attending this one.

    June 19, 2012 -- Non-compliance

    I decided to dedicate an entire class to this subject. It seems to be a reoccurring theme lately so I will discuss the technical, historical, spiritual and ethical merits behind the idea that our primary duty is to serve God not men. This is much easier said then done as there are emotional implications to doing this along with legal, lawful, mental, physical and spiritual implications. I will cover my interpretation of what this looks like from all angles so that you have a better idea what is involved before engaging in these activities. I believe there are many ways to mitigate risk when deciding not to participate any more.

    I recommend reading the paper "The Kingdom of God is within you" by Leo Telstoy before attending this class. Click on the image to read it on line. This paper influenced people the likes of Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the areas of Christian Anarchy.

    July 2, 2012 - Bee Keeping for the beginner
    Name:  honey-bees.jpg
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    I had one of the website members ask for a class on bee keeping. So I'll cover some of the lessons learned in taking the weekend bee keeping class AND caring for bees for the past year. I did loose them this winter and I've yet to replace my bees, however I have learned a lot as a beginner, so I will share with the members some of the lessons learned in taking on a venture such as this.

    Class specifics:

    Consideration: $10CDN or free for members.
    Time: Tuesday at 7pm – 8pm Mountain Time
    Note: All classes are private and are by invitation only. To attend the class live, you can sign up on the website and you will then be given a link. Please consider this flier as an invitation to join us.

    Members can access the class here
    Non-Members can access the class here
    If you live in a different time zone, you can calculate the time here
    To become a Member, sign up here
    To see recordings of the classes after the live event, you must become a member to access them.


    None Scheduled at this time. If you are interested in attending a workshop please let me know and I will do what I can to book one in your area.
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    Re: Project Off Grid - rob in the page Family - Live Chat

    There's some good information there from Rob. Thanks for posting, Scott.

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