To further the thought, this abuse of children is really just an aspect of the separation of spaces (or domains, if you will).

There are three essential domains: the private, the semi-private, and the public. The private offers the most individual freedoms and the public offers the least. The semi-private offers intermediate levels of freedoms. Sexual freedoms and attendant perversions (in a statistical sense) are maximised in the private domains and severely limited in the public domain. At least, this was the arrangement prior to the sexual revolution of the 60s, which was a collection of stepping stones connecting the earlier land of wonderment - and sanitised public domain - of Wally and Theodore Cleaver (The Beaver) to the burgeoning 21st century resurrection of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Evolution happens at a much slower speed than devolution. The slow-rolling millennial train of progressive memes was always at risk of collision with the half-century train hauling primitive memes and coming from the opposite direction on parallel tracks with logarithmic increments of speed.

And so, when the social engineers decided to switch the fast train onto the tracks of the slower moving train, sometimes in the late sixties or early seventies ... it was only a matter of time before the 21st century arrived.

The designed merging of the sloth-paced public domain with the sundry mule-paced semi-private domains ... pushed the mules onto the range and the sloth to the brink of extinction. With so many mules grazing, it wouldn't be long before the cheetah-paced private domains began their prowls.

To wit, the public domain is no longer a safe space for the slow and the tender. It is now a feeding space for the fast, the hardened, and the consumptive.