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Thread: Is there a trumpet being blown that only the soul can hear?

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    Is there a trumpet being blown that only the soul can hear?

    People living lives in a prison of fear.
    Unknown to them the planet does speak.
    Wake up,wake up,
    From your very deep sleep.

    The searching and the learning is a intimate goal.
    For each and every person,s personal call,
    It Is their experience to show and to share
    Love is the diamond that shine,s bright in it ,s glare.

    Not many hear the silence
    The stillness
    The calm
    Like a kiss from a palm
    It breezes along

    Seeking one then another
    A whisper in the ear
    You can only hear it when your ready
    My dear.

    That trumpet of silence
    Comes with a feeling of bliss
    A eye for all life
    That love will not miss.
    That trumpet of silence
    Is forever being blown
    You,ll only hear it
    When your ready and grown.

    It takes time
    Maybe more than one life
    But no doubt about it
    You,ll hear it,s tone.

    that deep inner feeling
    you just know
    just know
    your going home.

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