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Thread: admission one soul

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    admission one soul

    Upon incarnating on earth there are rules to be followed.
    You will lose all memory of who you really are.
    Your goal is to return back.
    If you fail you will reincarnate.
    It could take many lifetimes.
    The rules of the game are within the game.
    The rules within the game can be changed without any notice.
    You must finish the game.
    Suicide is not a option and means reincarnation within the game.
    Also remember that demons,enities,aliens and other influences can also enter your experience.
    Each lesson in every lifetime will carry other to the next.
    So please be cautious and use each one wisely.
    Enjoy your ride.
    See you soon.

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    Re: admission one soul

    whenever i'm asked "Who am I", i always respond "Who do I have to be?"

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