Knowing what you know.
Could you change your past
Knowing what you know
Would you change your past

Lovin what you know
Could you change the flow
Never knowing what comes next.
Sometimes it,s just about
Being that is lost amongst the text.

We start to find ourselves
Little by so little.
Ego,s found
Ego,s lost
Forever stuck in the middle.

Lovin you is not a flame or
A torch that i hold up high
Your love for me
Drains my senses dry

Makin me blind
That i cannot cry.

Your energy i feel
From time to time
Trying to connect.

I,m sorry my love
I worry my love
That it,s not to late.
I hear what your trying to say

I,m hoping my love
That,s it,s not to late to

It cannot call out any more than what it it is doing now.
We don,t have the answers

Enough is just enough.

What we sought
What we thought
Was always under our feet.

For what we have done
Forgive us so
But let your will be done.

Mother earth let those that deserve to live with you.

Let those who choose to destroy be destroyed.