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Thread: walk with me

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    walk with me

    Walk with me
    Your seeking is almost done
    With glee in my love
    Giddiness within me
    Lets take a walk together

    Take a walk with me
    Barefoot and free
    Feel the grass
    Listen to the trees.

    Walk with me
    For just a little while
    Kiss the wind
    Breathe through your smile

    Walk with me
    Touch the world with your heart
    Feel the pulse
    Let the rhythm begin to start

    Walk with me
    Open your eyes
    What do you see
    I gave you everything
    You were just blind
    Of the creation in me.
    Every time you walk
    Do not forget
    Our little talk
    for i am the seeker
    awaiting my your return
    with excitement and wonder
    to listen to your stories
    of the earth and it,s glories

    baptism of the flow
    you will feel from me
    all you have to do is just believe.

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