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Thread: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

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    Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Bibles and Dragons & Stuff

    The dragon is a symbolic representative of Source energy how ever you call it. Across cultures people have myths about the dragon being responsible for creation. It’s mentioned as a serpent in the Bible, frequently. The Bible is metaphysical book that is read left to right and right to left, bottom to top and top to bottom in an abstract way with numbers and words that relate to each other. The meanings of words can be distorted, the sounds of words cannot. Afraid and A-frayed mean the same thing basically. The sound of word is more important than a meaning. The sound will always hold the meaning while we tend to change the meanings of words.

    To read it literally it becomes a spell book. Which is amusing to see people thump a bible against witch craft and magic even as they are under the go-SPEL of the Bible. To read it other than metaphysically you will be put into a state of hypnosis. In part how esoteric knowledge was protected by those who would abuse it. Hypnosis is basically the use of words to promote a trance, the use of the words is a script. Scriptures. How estoeria is hidden and protected. Someone in a trance is going to get a much different ‘reading’ than someone that is not tranced.

    For the un initiated (most all Christians) the Bible has a warning. This is a Go-Spel, these are SCRIPTures. People read it anyway..and summarily walk around in a trance. You don’t even have the bible to be put under its spell which is basically contradictory nonsense designed to make you dumb…or crazy. It’s programming.

    The Bible has been retranslated many times because for a long time very acute sighted people kept commenting on how it was a spell book. Those people have all been burned at stakes for their temerity to notice this. Mostly occultists who were probably doing exactly as the Bible said but not in a literal way so were summarily burned or accused of Here-say. It actually the literalist who are induldging in Hear-say. The hear something so say it literally.

    Looking here you will see the many translations of this simple verse:
    John 3.14 and John 3.15

    Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,
    that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him."

    So Moses lifted up a snake so everyone gets eternal life. Is Moses God. That easy huh? This doesn’t make any sense and nothing is being done here if one reads literally (except intimating that Moses is a snake charming god). We now know why people fling snakes around their churches in the south though. A useless magickal practice.

    Going back to Biblehub we are going to take a couple more complete verse….

    'And as Moses did lift up the serpent in the wilderness, so it behoveth the Son of Man to be lifted up,

    And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him."

    Universal perspective reads this as Moses raises / summons a vibrational/ creational event (dragon or serpent) using some bronze article in chaos so the weak may be raised and that everyone who is in a state of gladness (lighthearted) may have eternal life in them.

    A serpent is two words Ser and Pent. Ser is binding or weaving, and Pent means five. Binding five angles of energy , the angle is the staff.. Because angles ..sing. (Angels sing too strangely enough) We are singing (if we know what the fifth vibration corresponds to…the throat) not raising common variety garden snakes on poles. Bronze is great conductor of sound, sound is vibrational energy, a staff like a conductors staff (a wand) is present in other translations. Be Lief means happily or gladly one is then light hearted because their vibration has been raised. Lief and Life are essentially the same thing. (note that has nothing to do with faith or trusting without evidence…it means you are light…you’ve put your baggage down. How many people feel better when singing or chanting or raising their fifth power or sphere?)

    Moses has summoned a creative energy from chaos (wilderness) for to make people glad and light hearted.

    Far cry from the gloom and doom Moses who half arsedly wondered around in desert, lost for 40 years and had a bunch of rebellious pagans dragging after him. That’s the literal translation which is always despairing.

    To read the Bible in any other way produces an anti-christ effect. An example is belief. Metaphysically be-lief is to light, lighthearted is an aspect of the clear unsullied emotional body. Now in modern times believers ..well aren’t they just the most miserable people you ever met? Afraid—or afrayed. It has anti or opposite effect of what is intended if one does not know properly. A-frayed. Not whole. Not worthy or having no worth, broken things usually don't.

    The numerics are John 3.14 that’s eight, so it about raising power then we have 3.15 which is nine, which is about higher spirit.

    Has anyone ever paused to know why these are numbered? Metaphysically you find out what the number is so you can know the central theme of the verse.

    Then we have John. We’ll strike the J away because J didn’t exist then and we have Ohn. Sounds dangerously close to ohm and besides John’s real name wasn’t John, perhaps it was ION a particular of matter. Regardless if you look up John in Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Aramic you are going to get a sense this person is a priest, a magician, an aesthetic, you might even get a sense that John was a nun. Please do look at the aramic, hebrew, latin and greek words for John though. You will see a pattern arise.

    (The letter nun –N---used to be represented by a serpent shape)

    You will even find the trinity in there. A magic user! Or someone who understands the qualities of vibration, sound, light, staff, rods and angles. and the magic of number 3 Not singing angels, singing angles.

    Another interesting root word is Ser. It means to bind. Servant, a slave. Serge, a woven fabric.

    Or Ser, as in Serene. Everything has a duality everything has a yin and yang.

    How do we know what context to use this in?

    You don’t. You’ve been conditioned or programed to think literally instread of abstractly. You’ve been taught to read only left to right. You haven’t been taught to read numbers or how things relate to each other. That is a state way beyond belief called dumb.You will see why dumb means silenced here in a moment. The dumb cannot sing. Or speak. You might have a bunch of words coming out of your mouth but you are still dumb. Dumb people are not light people no matter how loudly they can raise their voices. Being dumb causes a state of dis-belief. Unhappiness. You are not lief or life but death. The angle of death.

    Every met people who just suck the life out of you. They take the angle of death because they are in a state of dis-belief.

    How we read in the universal perspective is from 360 degrees—all directions and everything begins to relate or interconnects with other words. All metaphysics is relation in reading. Tarot is read in relation to other cards, Astrology is in relation to other planes, Numerology is in relation to other numbers. How they are arranged is how you know what is meant. Comprehensive physics.

    We learn to perceive abtractly and things begin to connect and we open to tons of knowledge. When we interpret things literally Literally things don't make sense, don't add up, are broken and fragmented they are not whole.

    Here’s another.

    Jesus Walks on the Water

    22 Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. 23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone, 24 and the boat was already a considerable distance from land, buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it.25 Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. 26 When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified.It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.27 But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”28 “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”29 “Come,” he said.Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

    31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

    32 And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down. 33 Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

    Each number here tells you what sort of circumstance was at hand. Theres intuitive events there, there's inversion events, creative events, wholeness or unifying events. All kinds of neat stuff happening there.

    22/ 4 starts this tale because Jesus was reputed to be a master creator the ability to draw or creatove;u summon in an abstract way.. This not literal walking on water it is a psychological event. The craft is a metaphor for how we navigate our emotional body (water).

    23/ 5 indicates words substantiated loosely by Jesus praying. He may have been singing because five is the throat. Or having the inner dialog…I’d suggest the latter . 5 is reiterate when the wind dies down indicating someone (Jesus) stopped mentally and verbally processing spirit. 4 appears again when Jesus goes out of creative mode. (if you get a good gist of this you will notice that Jesus is perhaps not handling this well but is in self correction mode) He intialy stepped or walked on the emotional body...stepped on someone's toes as it were.

    24/6 an inversion event. Leaving solid matters and being swept out into the storm of inner chaos. Moving far away from the position the master creator takes on the ground (grounded) . One’s vehicle is out of control. Note this whole dialogos is about fear and being afraid. So Jesus who doesn’t need a boat or a construct (or Prozac) to navigate his emotional state has to calm his disciples down and in doing so he makes them more frightened by intiating a rational sort of mental process. 9 or spirit is represented once by Jesus urging them to be courageous (the highest spiritual quality )

    Not sure what's going on check the number to know what is going on.

    Does this sound familiar someone who is managing their emotional state is FRIGHTENING to other people . Yes. This holds true today. You are not in the story, not in the drama and other people are leery of you, you are cold and emotionless. You are the ill wind blowing. Your wind stirs the waters of the toxic emotional body. So does spirit. Don't happy people just piss us off!

    What sounds more like reality a bunch of men freaking out in a boat and losing it or some god-man walking on water. Walking on water means..rising above your emotional state. Treading water means you are about to lose it and drown in it.

    You aren’t treading water…you are walking on it. It’s then become another pathway. But not if you are A –frayed. Coming apart at the seems. The interesting thing about metaphyics is not how words are spelled but how they sound. Because sound is manifestation vibrational quality and means of attaining knowledge…why so many people like chanting and mantras.

    So Peter the most renown lunatic in the world comes when Jesus summons him. He starts to walk on water but managing his emotional state is far too scary and he sees rationality or reality (the wind-mental process) and freaks out and of course the emotional body starts to suck him under. WE do this today when some sort of rationality is brought into anything we freak out and go into hysterics.

    Jesus steadies him with his hand instead because rationality does no good here. Touch has a steadying effect . Jesus may have very well slapped him but was reported to be a healer so.. a touch will do. The Namaste effect you might say, making a connection. Then says why were you afraid (emotional state away from be-lief from light heartedness.) A – frayed coming apart at the seams.

    Does this sound a lot like eastern philosophy. Doesn't read like it though does it? Observation is very important but so is sound.

    So Jesus says you had no faith. Fides. Which is wholeness, functioning order, and reliability. Things that are whole are more reliable. Broken , fragmented and separated matters are not. A – frayed.

    cried out, “Lord, save me!”

    Okay so what does a victim of their own emotional state do….they want someone to save them from their own feelings. Or blame someone else. Both of these occurred here actually. Understand when they think they saw a ghost they saw the rationality of spirit. Spirit is the wind that moves and all that stuff we know but don't know.

    This whole fraught little spate concludes with the disciplines worshipping Jesus.

    Worship is acknowledgement of wholeness, not altars and going to church on Sunday or whatever sort of control nonsense we’ve come up with in the meantime whilst under our spell. This may be considered an inverstion event or where the ego begins to creep in which is why its prefaced with 6. But on the other hand the disciples finally seem to ‘get’ it, really seeing what occurred here.

    Then they call him the Son of Man. The son of Man is person who raises up the weak using certain vibrational tools as Moses did at the beginning of this post. As did Jesus did here too. By staying grounded and in spirit and not getting swept up in hysteria.

    Does that sound more realistic than a man just traipsing across a lake?

    Do you see that words like be-lief mean the polar opposite today of what they REALLY mean.

    So when someone is on a angry pulpit screaming about you see how silly that looks because be-leif is lightmess happy and joy. Don't believe. Look up the meaning of words. Lief.

    or when people say metaphysics is evil and the bible is truth. The bible is nothing but metaphysics its only a spell when you read it literally.

    Be-lief is light. Be life, be life, be lighthearted. Be your light. It doesn’t mean to trust blindly and take everything literally. Not to jump and scream at the sight of something you don't understand becaues you probably aren't seeing it the right way.

    Today Belief is a program. Trust a program without any evidence that it could have possibly occurred like the story of someone walking on water. It wasn't literal but the metaphysial reading is much more based in REAL-ity.

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Perhaps one thing to bear in mind, however, is that ultimately the words you cite sound 'English'...Not the original language of the Bible which was Hebrew...not a language with a Latin or Greek base. Are you familiar with the Bible code? That theory really grabs me because 'supposedly' it is grounded in hard statistical mathematics and just the kind of thing that a gawd would do to reveal 'truth'. Much like the nature of the universe with its 'holographic'/mathematical basis and the nature of the double helix. Both amazing, beautiful and transcendent of sheer mathematics.

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Why is the Christian perspective pushed so much. Why do our governments claim we are a Christian nation? WE don't even see the literal translation at work here...Do we see people walking on water, and healing the sick, and casting out demons here. Nooo... we see people in states of hysterical fear, medicine making people sicker, and instilling more demons (programs). The literal interpretation of the bible as opposed to the metaphysical one.

    I might add the Bible is non denominational article not a Christian one, Christ figures very little and is simply used as an example of someone who is attempting to show and not tell. In this context it doesn't matter if he is real or not. Ever existed or not. He may be a archetype or an actual person but it doesn't matter. Call it the misadventures of a person who gets it. In the metaphysical context it matters not one bit if Christ existed or not. In the literal mind its very important thus creates another conflict of trying to see if he was real or not or to find evidence....a waste of a lot of energy.

    here's a rule of thumb when you see something automatically apply the opposite to it and thing will become clear.

    Did Jesus raise people from the dead. No..Not dead moldering corpses but instilled a sense of life in them again be-lief. The poor old man lifeless in depression in his bed and then he's up and about because he's learned a different way of looking at things. Lazarus rose from depression. Inversion. He was 6 , sick, Six.

    Look at the number six. The head is on the ground. Say the head is in the sand...even. Look at 9 the head is in the air. It's upright. Why does yin and yang look like 69. Because it is (the spiritual position not the sexual one...

    Why are the Jews the chosen people... Well Judeans were a metaphysical culture. They chose (good) , in a manner of speaking, (good) didn't choose them.
    But ancient Hebrew practices were ..meta physical, that's where the Kaballah came from... a very simple but important navigational guide about basic matter. Those Hebrews tried to explain to us about the Tree of Life and the knowledge of good and evil and Christians preferred to choose to belief there was a apple bearing snake in a tree and its all Eve's fault. So early on we moved away from energy, matter, angles, basic building blocks of creation (called physics today) and accepted bizarre and unrealistic stories as reality.

    Now we'll trust anything. We'll even trust against what we see with our own eyes.

    Why are Muslims and Jews still fighting (this is what they are fighting over,they've just forgotten it) Because they've taken the Christian perspective and forgotten the metaphysical one.

    Why are Zionists ruling the world. Because they never forgot.

    How do you manage your own destiny. By remembering.

    For those who chose not to, they are spiritually required to remain dumb (silent). (The vow of silence) so they may hear the inner dialogos. Every self development practice in every culture requires a period or periods of silence. When you just have to shut up because you're aren't getting it.

    Ever see those youtube videos where some master yogi is dialogo-ing. And people are listening attentively...they are silent? You learn more when you shut up.

    You ever been in a class room. The teacher is instructing and everyone else is ...silent?

    Do you ever hear anyone say anymore..I don't know anything about that so I'm just keeping my mouth shut .

    We know in silence.

    Now with the Bible people are so anxious to repeat the literal interpretation of it and use it as sword to cut off reality you know they've never been still enough to know its unveiling.

    When that doesn't work, and people can't remain still...well they can't be told anything so they must be shown. This is what happens when you suspend belief and begin be lief. non conflict.

    In spite of our Christian nation propaganda we aren't a Christian nation but a Anti-Christian nation. We can't be TOLD, so know we are being shown a world full of chaos that we are creating because we can't shut up! As soon as you shut up it stops effecting you. As soon as you are still it goes away.

    What happens to the state of the world when the unitiated can't be still and silent so continue to sink deeper and deeper into states unreality and spreading more programming around.

    Words create reality. We thought reality was.... the word be-lief meant to trust something without evidence, we thought it meant faith.Because we are thinking and not knowing. WE never picked up a dictionary to find out we you just took it on someone elses word that that's what it meant. Faith is wholeness...Be lief is light. That seems pretty simple, just pick up a dictionary....why don't we.

    So that became our reality.

    We're spell bound. Brainwashed people don't have those sorts of inspirational occurrences. Spell bound people don't reach for dictionaries.

    Then that became reality, a big blathering tower of babble-on.

    On a very subconscious level even common pop culture portrays the anti-Christian as someone who can't shut up. Like Ned Flanders. He never shuts up...but he's portrayed as a be-liefer...he's always happy.
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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Bomm View Post
    Perhaps one thing to bear in mind, however, is that ultimately the words you cite sound 'English'...Not the original language of the Bible which was Hebrew...not a language with a Latin or Greek base. Are you familiar with the Bible code? That theory really grabs me because 'supposedly' it is grounded in hard statistical mathematics and just the kind of thing that a gawd would do to reveal 'truth'. Much like the nature of the universe with its 'holographic'/mathematical basis and the nature of the double helix. Both amazing, beautiful and transcendent of sheer mathematics.
    They sound English because they are English What is's not a language its the tower of babble-on . But its our common every day useage words and it has nearly every language in it. Old anglish, Old German, French, Old French, Latin and Greek.

    I know what you mean about the code, its not a bible code, its 'the' code. It just metaphysics that's all based in math too, everything has a numeric value to it if the word in it's correct context.

    Basically its just physics but its comprehensive not reductionist to a part. So when someone says string theory I say. "Oh wands, rods, angles, lei lines...Strings of energy." Scientists get mad about that because they want to focus on the string or ribbon of energy. So then to really piss them off you say "oh, maypole strings, ribbons of energy arranged around a lightening rod. "

    Then they get really mad because they can't see in a comprehensive way. What is the essential difference between a string and a take the slack out of them and they are line, and they are used to bind things. Science created another tower of babel with their narrow view of things.

    The code would be in the bible because ..its a metaphysical book. One might say its hidden or occult or a code...its not.If you can't read and you are illiterate everything looks like code. Its obvious to people who know how to read comprehensively. These people who see it as a code are observing a pattern arising there...which will reveal itself as metaphysics.

    Comprehensive physics.

    I do see your point but if I had made that post in Latin or Greek ..who could read it? English has no base, it has layers. The most present layers appear to be Anglo (Anglish) and German, and a smattering of French. But before Anglo, German and Anglish were evolved from Old French, old french evolved from Old Latin. English has evolved from all of them the further you go back the more

    Our English in terms of physics, is what this is all about our physical terms are mostly Greek and Latin to this day.

    So I will use two words that are not English but nonetheless part of our daily language. Sergeant and serf.

    No one really speaks a specific language when speaking English; it is composed a bunch of words all originating elsewhere. The tower of Babel. The tower of Babel wasn't a building it was destruction (tarot would tell you that) it was an intention to scatter languages so no one understands each other ...that is what English is. A scattering and smattering of all languages.

    English is so unruly they had to create a bunch of rules for it so it wasn't entirely incomprehensive. Rules are made by...Rulers. Whom would that be?

    There's an opposing value there where words sound alike but don't mean the same thing. I always check with latin and greek to see if I'm on the right track.

    But with some doesn't matter what language you use

    Take the word SER geant. Today it means what it means....a slave in the military. We are programmed to think of it as a 'rank' ---name rank SERial number. Their slave number. Simply put; how their slave number is stacked in relation to other slaves.

    How many lines of energy in a Sergeants insignia, the bars of his prison on his sleeve?

    Like our social security. Security is such a nice name until you realize just a few centuries back back it meant "property in bonds" means SER in terms of inversion. Sounds like it. We aren't talking about antiquity words these fairly recent in use words...until the 20th century. Bondage in safety. It's emotional concept a means of enchanting people emotionally. En-Chant. In-chant, under a program.

    The postive or creative value of SER as in Serendipity, Serenity, Seraphim (a construction of energy people call angels) the sphere or construct on the tree of life that relates in kind.

    Security is word we have used a lot of the last several decades. Just taking the US into consideration for three generations we have had people calling out for Financial Security. Financial Bondage. They are still demanding it. And they are getting it more and more everyday. This produces poverty.

    So I have to say SHUT UP YOU, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!! How much more poverty are you going to demand. It's called social security, its called Wall street. Walled in by Wall Street, don't you feel safe and secure? You can't move, you are secured. Is it an accident that Wall street is called Wall Street.

    Wall is ....he he .....66/66 more inversion, more depression. Do you see the code rising here outside of the bible? 6666

    Is this fun or what. It's be-lief! It's like doing a crossword puzzle or math puzzles.

    Then why the use of the magical incantation 'financal security' where you bond by finances and do we wonder why some people say money is the root of evil!! Look at all the neato words in relation to this ...bonds ...safes (where things are locked up) securities...stocks (what they used to put people in to bind them) ...Fort Knox..where the gold is locked up and away from circulation (if its still there) .

    All these words have numeric value. If you are a cook you have stock that you use, a staple, another binding agent.

    The people are not using money as a tool to create abundance they are using it as a means to enslave themselves. Remember the wealth addiction article. All addictions are enslave ment.

    We've asked for finanical security and now we have it. We're bond,bondaged, can't move, our finances are secured, locked up, walled away.

    Who did that. WE did. What if we said things differently?

    Serf-- French same thing. SER-f. Another slave in another language but the core word, SER remains the same.

    SERFANT....we know at some point V was added to take the place of F. That is SER-vant. So when I see this word I attention to it. Like when I see the word SER-mon. Oh going to here some slave/ bondage programming talk.

    There are lingual shifts but they're slight across languages.

    The important word here is SER. Its not important that suffixes and prefixes of different languages attached to the core word. You can figure it out in relation to other words by looking up the core word.

    But i have cross referenced my roots across hebrew, aramic, greek, latin, some french before posting. I typically reference english words to latin and greek because they have stayed true to their meaning.
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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    If still are not be -liefing (getting a laugh out of this at the very least) ...

    Look at my edit and post times. Something's speaking to you and its not me.....

    Here's some old Christian programing drug right from the Bible ..the Bible in it's literal translation venerated slavedom. A good obedient slave was a good thing.


    Serf-ice to others. Be someone's serfant; its the best thing you can do!

    Or be self-serfing. Be your own slave (which usually means succumbing to personal addictions.


    It's not BE-lief, its O BE Y. Do as you are told! Slave talk.

    Going a bit further back it means to ...listen. Not do as you are told but to listen.

    Remember the hidden hand material back from 08ish where the controller stated they had to be self serving to ascend? And we had to be serfing to others to ascend (meaning serfing them)....

    Here's a new -serfing. TV addiction.

    Where do you serf at. On the emotional body! Serface emotions.

    What if you neither self-serfed or serfed to others?

    What could we call that concept.Is it even possible to do that?

    Self serfing. Hmmmm

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Thank you for this thread. ....continue on please.

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Another conflictual mess resulting in wars between Muslims and war against Muslim is over the Quran. That would be boiled down to those who literally interpret the Qu'ran and those who regard its recitations as historical events with morally significant value....the Qu'ran quite mirrors the Bible ableit with a sort of perspective that Christians find offensive. However the Qu'ran in its truest form states only that it is a book of guidance.

    One presumes this is why the Muslim faith is such a scary thing for Western Christians...the interpretations are not literal. And as for extremist Muslims they are basically mirroring the internal conflict that arises from literal interpretations that would have been avoided if one regarded either book in an abstract way. Muslin Extremists and Christian Extremists are mirroring each other.

    Two sadly hilarious episodes here revolve around the use of the word Virgin and the word Paradise.

    The Hebrew translations said nothing about a chaste sexually pure woman, it was translated into Greek--parthenos--as a chaste sexually pure woman because Greeks favored virginal chaste Godesses--like the Parthenon. The Virgin Huntress. The word virgin itself is derived from Latin. It's a peculiar word because it indicates masculinity or perhaps patriarchy. Vir-ility. I would say if a female virgin birth is a miracle it would be even more supernatural to have male virgin birth. Maybe the best interpretation of virgin would be a heroic young woman as were most of the Greek and Roman goddesses at the time. Abtractally, it would be an act of heroism for a young woman to become mysteriously pregnant with God's child.

    But nothing from the original translations indicated Mary as sexually chaste. If one is being literal however they are adoring the Virgin Goddess but somehow in a perverse way adoring a notion of masculinit depending on the translation...or one's perspective. The Virgin Goddesse is a theme that isn't new to the Bible, its accounted for multi culturally nearly everywhere in mythology which is one clue that it shouldn't be taken literally but viewed in an abstract way. Each culture has a different perspective. If one doesn't glom on to one or the other as a belief system gets 360 degree perspective.

    Another strange word is paradise which is confused with Heaven. Heavens typically refer to the sky and somehow people decided the sky is where God lived at. Up there. Paradise is very strange word and its use as the word Heaven or God's home became in common usage in Old French (latin) around the 1500's or so. Not very long ago. The word though seems to be composed of two latin prefixes with no root ....Para-dis. Unless one considers the Greek Parthos as the root....? At any rate para and dis mean the same thing. Removed from or along side. If one were to take the word as it means in regards to the Garden of Eden you'd come up with something like a place superimposed or permeating another. Like Paranormal is an alternate circumstance superimposed over known reality. ...or a state of mind as it were depending on one's perspective. Or the Garden of Eden was like PARA-llel world.

    That is the abstract way of observing it. So Adam and Eve eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and suddenly--well they don't BECOME naked--they always were naked--but suddenly REALIZED they were naked and tried to hide attaching some moral prohibition their nudity that seems to arrive out of thin air. Their frame of mind changed from one of being innocent and naive to being ashamed of their nudity. The division (or what some call the fall) of being of one frame of mind to a lesser one. Our central focus has been on the Tree of Knowledge between good and evil, duality. But Hebrew Mysticism was always focused on the other tree that was present, the Tree of Life. Higher minded concepts where one didn't wander into moral quandaries of making choses between good and evil and you got trapped there. The ToL shows the right and left hand path but also the path of balance. Tree of Knowledge gave an alternate perspective that two naive people could perceive as moral quandaries. Having always had something else to do their thinking for them, everything provided for them how would Adam and Eve navigate these new choices. Previously no choice had to be made at all. But now .... Nudity could be good could be evil. The creation of the dualistic mind. IN this respect the Garden of Eden is not considered a place but a state of mind. The creation or perhaps realization of duality.

    Abstractally Sin has been considered we have a fall into ignorance. The Devil- D/evil has always been considered, abtractally as the Ego. It's the snake in the tree that has been accepted as the Devil but in this respect it appears Ego was just waiting to happen. Or just waiting to be accepted. This was conducted with Eve's agreement after all. She accepted the apple. Not something that happened to her; something she chose. Very finally Adam chose to accept the fruit from his wife ..this makes sense for people who have never had to make a choice before to make a bad one.

    Or was it a bad choice at all?

    The paradox here is if one chooses the Knowledge of good and evil perspective-- that it was a bad choice instead of just a choice-- one has then adopted the sinful (ignorant) frame work the snake (Devil/ Ego) offers..which is mostly the whole of Christiandom today. But understand there's two minds at work here now..the higher mind and the ego-ic mind and there was opportunity and a choice to move between the two.

    In the Abtract perspective this portion of Bible has very little to do with god but the Creator--the Creation of events and how they are created. Read abstractally simply by acknowledging what one observes one doesn't see a literal God but how things are created. The Aramaic Bible opens with the creation of the world not intiated by God but Sons of God. Who were they? Someone other than God doing the creating.

    More obviously if one is of two minds one is going to have two different languages meaning different things. There is a peculiar sense of non linear, timelessness about this episode because it shows right from the beginning how things are taken literally and how things are created from that choise. . The egoic or fixed perspective which is what we've endured all these centuries and has created conflict,or the abstract or unfixed perspective where one observes how things not only occured but are occuring to this day. It's no longer in the past and hard to decipher its right in front of our eyes.

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    So this is how we get controlled by magickal thinking, programming or rather a corrupt form of spelling. Because we don't know what things mean , we don't know the energy behind it, and we end up getting programmed... We give power to things that don't serve us and we ignore or are blind to things that do serve us. ...or we corrupt them.


    ...which in our confused magical thinking means magick .

    We have two basic interpretations of the Bible. Metaphysically (creationary observation) that don't deviate, and literal interpretations which are magical thinking—men walking on water, men living in the bellies of fish for extended periods of time and can be corrupted or rearranged whenever. Things that defy the principles of nature. I-Magi-nation. Which is not in its self wrong its just what is one creating with that I-Mag. There's better things to do with imagaination like have a reasonable expectation of form. Water in it's unbound form cannot be walked upon by the physical form. It can be swam upon (we are not content with that for some reason) it can be skimmed upon when a power source like the wind (or an engine) is used but we insist it can be walked on. Once. We think. A long time ago by a magic man.

    Well you non magically walk on water once cold changes the form of the water but we aren't content with that becaue its not MAGICKAL dammit!

    Metaphysics respects basic form and universal principles. This is sufficient to create with.

    Which is why the question is posed to Christians. Why be a a Magi if you are so wholly against the notion of magi-c to the point you abuse and slaughter what you percieve to be magick users when you don't see that use of magick or magicakal thinking in yourself?

    You are then judging yourself and creating misery for yourself because in this respect there are no other magick users but YOU and your brethern. You are the only ones doign it. There is a reason why this god of yours says not to judge. You are cursing your own shadow. Or from my perspective, watching you punch yourself in the face. You aren’t hurting me, I’m not using ‘magick or magickal thinking' YOU ARE. And Neo Christians or New Agers, do the same thing its all about spirits, and angels and spirit guides and really nothing much to do with creation or physics. Thinking they are open minded rather than blind they even attempt to squeeze metaphysics into the Christian perspective (and vice versa) and sound garbled and its a wholly unfunctional way of doing things. Astro theology. Astrology and stories. The best of the NA plagriarize as they squeeze and condense because they can’t observe this for themselves. Or tell the difference between magical thinking and metaphysics. To say metaphysics is magic is to say that photosynthesis is magic.

    What is the difference between Metaphysics and Magic? Noticing what exists and magickally attempting to explain no matter how unrealistic it sounds because one cannot notice or see it as existing or how it exists because their eyes are tightly shut or creased open just enough to get a very narrow view of things.

    A metaphysically inclined person will look at our modern day physical concepts like String theory. That's acceptable. Lines of energy and observe‘that looks like a wand, a rod, a stave, a straight line of energy, its unlimited has no beginning or end and can go on forever it has no form or shape or means of containing anything. It behaves like one too. Unformed energy, raw and unformed. It's whole. Like the number 1 just whole unto itself. 1 is a rod too.

    Or a particle… a particle can be observed to be a bit of matter, a circle perhaps, a closed rod of energy that can go on and on forever it has no beginning or end infinity but now it has a form. An electron is always shown as round .. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO or 8.

    Or a wave…which has a triangly shape or a pyramid depending on how many rods of energy its composed of to give it form or shape.


    Wavey forms... in the letters that compose our words and thoughts. Basic universal building and creation forms.

    So when a metaphysican looks at the pyramid of Egypt they know that is a shape or construct that is designed for wave energy...perhaps sound. Its not a mystery or quandary that a particle could adopt a wave shape or vice versa because shape shifting of form is inherent to the universe itself.

    WE go from formless to a few round cells to an infant to an adult. We eventually grow into a squarish torso, four linear or rod like limbs and a round head. Square hands, linear fingers. Reduce this down to reproductive parts, ahem (not to be tooo graphic ) a rather linear apparatus with two circular companions…a triangular baby carrier with two circular companions. The basic building blocks of life. WE have lines of energy called meridians permeating us, or strings of energy depending on one’s perspective. We have circles of emanating energy called Chakras which can be measured with a plumb rod.

    Symmetry. Symmetrical constructs.

    These are called mysteries to the blind who for some reason don't notice the similarities but how mysterious can it be if you look in the mirror and see this is so?

    Things on earth are composed of shapes geo (earth ) shapes or ..abstract shapes. Depending on the angles of the lines and how one connects them. Salt (of the earth) is composed of squares, and no matter how much you pound salt into dust it always retains its square shape. This square shape is necessary for cellular function as is salt, we’d constantly be losing salt if not for the shape. Sqauares will hold an elemental (salt) energy.

    Paper Money is squarish. Its a long square. It was created that way to hold its value or energy. Until someone corrupted it. We like to hold on to our bills. The larger the value the longer we like to hold on to them. You break a twenty or a hundred and pretty soon you are piss diddling it away right. Money is currency and currents are flow so money has a counter oppositional component to it.

    Coins... are usually round they don't have or hold 'value' like square bills but boy we have an ever abundant suppply of them don't we. Their under the couch, in our pant pockets, you find them laying in the parking lot, the guy at the gas station gives them to you when your a penny shor, their laying on your dresser, under the bed, sucked up into the vaccumn, in piles in little round jars, in your desk drawers, in the console of your car, in the dashboard, --coin circles are all over the place. You coudln't divest yourself of this minor wealth if you tried.

    Why are we all so poor then?

    Penny rich and pound poor ...he he. Because coin is shaped from eternal ever flowing poportions. Paper money is not an doesn't even fit the shape of currents...oh so we observe. What about computer money with no form but only numeric values...what we call fiat money..created out of thin air.

    Only OUR money the common people handle is this self containing and limited construct designed to be held onto instead of flowing. WE are loath to spend money because of its shape. We don't mind spending dimes, quarters, and pennies like crazy and we alway have tons of them no matter how loose we are with our loose change.

    Or we convert our coin to cash , change its form and then bye bye...pretty soon its spent.

    Spent. Exhausted.

    Why is this? I have just gotten a whole new perspective on money.

    Magic, as in Magicians-- like our occult controllers-- typically use the commanding of spirits to recreate or rearrange things like how the literal interpretation of the Bible goes .. God, spirits and angels are running the show and you must defer to them. By their form.

    Metaphysicians focus on how things are created, what they are formed from. Sound, vibration, shapes, energy.

    A magical rite would be making a construct from a thought , ( a form) personalizing it, making a god out of it, inhabiting it with one’s emotional energy and then inviting it to come into one’s self to do one’s bidding . There’s a lot contract and agreements and loss of energy which must be regained in some way in order to conduct this somewhat onerous and unneccessary ritual. Unneccessarily wasteful energy because the spirit demands energy beyond what the non creationary practitioner can provide. You've created an entity, you have to feed it and if you feed it too long you will collapse so you offer ....blood or sacrifice if the thing you created is not content with roses and candy on it's altar. Like Blood letting. Sacrifice. Blow up 3 thousand plus people on 9/11 (the 11 indicates two towers) .

    Where is the two towers. It's in DC (DC? isn't that an energy current?)...The WAshington monument and its doppelganger. It's not real but you can easily see it.

    So Who left their calling card on 9/11?

    The magician becomes under the control of the entity. Obviously this was a negative or subtraction event becaues 3000 plus people have been subtracted from the equation. The negative value of 9.

    Metaphysicans find this unnecessary because one has the abiltity to create simply by understanding the how and why something is created. Look around your house and you will see basic elementary forms we were taught in nursery school, lines, circles, squares, rectangles. Everything is built from those shapes.

    How shapes are created and how shapes interact with energy without the intervention of third party non physical entities . They already exist there's no need to 'create them.' The universe already did.

    Here's a good idea energetically. Don't make square money.

    Or a metaphysician could make a entity and in my next post I'll show you how some have but they would command the entity and never allow the entity to command them let alone take up inhabitance in one's mind. Nor does the entity have to be fed blood, the blood of others, becaue the metaphysicians designs or commands the entity to be as functional as possible.

    In this respect it is literal Christians who summon spirits, angels, god and invoke the devil . One places responsbility of ones actions to the devil and then the devil, as a thought construct or entity ,becomes responsible for their behavior.Selling one’s soul to the devil or an archonic god. Which isn't real in one sense, its simply a made up thought form people dump a lot of energy into , going to visit it on Sunday, in its square home, speaking to it, making it responsible or their daily welfare, allowing it to decide when you will live or die, praying to it, honoring it, worshiping it. One sees very quickly how the entity got out of the control of the maker, and it runs riot eating everything it can and creating a conflict when it cannot feed...until you 9//11 it and feed it. Yes this thing will do your bidding and (maybe) answer your prayers but would you really want it to?

    And there are many many many people for whom this God has no power over them. They don't feed it. Talk to it.Ask it anything. Go into its home, invite it into their home....People want you to worship their god mostly because it requires a lot of energy and they are about tapped out thanks.

    A metaphysician could construct a thought form and command it. Or make it manifest. So instead of creating a personality or entity and giving it form, you skip the middle man part and just make form out of what you'd otherwise send the entity out to bring back to you. Thus one skips the perils of possession and creating things that aren't serving them. Or you create a thought form and let other people energize it.

    Metaphysically one sees how disempowering that is to give up your power to not a real and re-created energy drags .The blind and mute (dumb--no sound) need the intervention of spirits. However then they are dependent on the spirit. Not THE spirit but whatever energetic form they happen to construct and make contract with.

    Because shapes/ forms are energy, numbers are shapes, letters are shapes, these are all ways of finding function and giving form. No entities or gods required. And that basically is how stuff is created Metaphysically will and word. Or thoughts and will because thoughts are basically composed of words.

    Letters were formed from numbers. The first alphabet such as it was known then was derived from amounts or numbers. A letter is basically just a symbol for a sound or vibration coming from one’s mouth. So Letters have …a energy with a numeric value.

    Mantras are words to to give form. Ohm… which equals 9 when one adds its corresponding numbers-- a highly creative or spiritual value. The sound is what is important, the ‘spelling’ shows what it does or what its for. But if you change the spelling or make the sound different other than what it is.. one cannot clearly see its function. A reasonate wave word.

    Letters have a form that is linear (lines) Sssssssssss , C, or angular A Or wavey looking.... Waves V W, Circular like 0. You don’t see square letters because squares don’t allow a free flow of energy, and squares tend to capture and hold energy....which is why our earliest forebears lived in conical or round houses. Or a combination of lines and a circle like Q. The simalarity in sound seems to have to do a lot in the similariy in shape.

    Like....ZZZZZ…SSSSS and those two are used interchangeable.

    I mean you see this right? I’m not telling you anything; I’m asking you too observe something. Telling is programming, showing is basically just asking one to observe. You can summon (he he) an argument for this but it would be reduced to a circle isn’t round or a line isn’t linear. However whatever thought form you summon will be commanded by what is obvious. Then you’d have to prove how they were not when anyone can observe they are. As far as the Magical perspective of common Christianity all sorts of arguments can be made some of them quite intellgient sounding ...but you can’t realy corrupt the knowledge that a circle is a circle. It will remain a circle no matter what you tell about it. Down through the centuries lines have remained lines, circles as circles...etc etc.

    Magical scriptures have not. They have no dependable universal structure.

    Same with Numbers because Letters were derived from Numbers. Numbers have a basic creationary shape ....lines and angles. Only towards the end of the basic numeric structure do you get circular shapes 8 and 9. Power and Spirit. Using these guidelines one finds empowering words. Like Ohm. Resonance and vibration.

    Here's a sort of base power wording. I AM. God of the OT and New Agers love this phrase. But it only has a value of 3.. Meh. A 3hp engine when you could step up a bit and get a 9hp engine.

    It sounds commanding but its not. You would think a God would use more powerful language. And to this day we use numbers to indicate the power of something. 100 hp is not as powerful as 420 hp .

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    Re: Dragons, serpents, the Bible & programming

    Interesting but I'm too mentally tapped out to think about it enough to respond...but, I think your post accomplished two things. First you point out the absurdity of everything and second you raise very deep questions about the nature of our existence and the connections of each singular aspect...It is all why fight...

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