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Thread: Ebola and Vitamin C

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    Ebola and Vitamin C

    Important information on Ebola and treatment with sour Vitamin C:

    REPEAT WARNING: Colloidal silver is for metabolic pathogens, NOT VIRUSES AND NOT EBOLA
    Unscrupulos scammers are using the ebola scare to RAKE IT IN with colloidal silver, which works GREAT against bacteria but has no effect on viruses at all. Even if reports are "published by doctors", claiming colloidal silver cures ebola, they are still outright lies and disinfo.
    Beware: A massive psy op is underway to push colloidal silver as a cure for ebola, and I beg to question why. WHY NOW? I believe it is (at least in part) to funnel unsuspecting dupes towards a phony cure so whatever is planned with this intentionally caused ebola outbreak proceeds to its final and ugly intended outcome.

    Why does colloidal silver work against bacteria, but NOT WORK AT ALL against viruses?
    Viruses have no metabolic processes, and bacteria do. This is all linked below in the following posts. With viruses having no metabolic processes, there is absolutely nothing for colloidal silver to interfere with and kill viruses. However, everyone knows vitamin C helps with colds which are caused by viruses, and as it turns out, it is THE THING that will stop ebola in its tracks and virtually assure your survival if an outbreak happens.

    I am absolutely spooked by the level of disinfo being pushed right now by scammers and probably the war department, claiming colloidal silver knocks out ebola. And it is being accompanied by scam reports saying colloidal silver works against all viruses, when in fact, it has NO EFFECT ON ANY VIRUS WHATSOEVER. The biology is completely wrong, for example, YOU can take colloidal silver safely, but it kills bacteria. That is because you do not use the same oxygen carrier that bacteria do, bacteria do not have hemoglobin. You are completely different in design from bacteria. And viruses, though microscopic, are also completely different in design from bacteria, and as a result they are not affected by the same things bacteria are affected by and are untouched by colloidal silver the same way people are not affected by colloidal silver.

    If ebola takes off in your country, here is what you do:
    Save your money, go to Sams Club or Wal Mart and buy a GIANT bottle of the sour nasty vitamin C (not the sweet stuff, which is garbage EVERY TIME) vitamin C is ASCORBIC ACID, AND ACIDS ARE SOUR. They are not sweet, so to ensure you buy a truthful product that will actually work as stated, make sure your vitamin C is sour. I would just go for super cheap ascorbic acid, but the rose hip vitamin C is probably better per unit volume. The problem is however, that you will need massive amounts if ebola does take off, and the super cheap 1000 milligram per tablet generic garbage that is almost always pure ascorbic acid will deliver far better protection per dollar spent. And you will want to have a LOT.

    How much money can I make by telling you to go to your discount grocer and buy generic ascorbic acid? Am I pushing a product here? How much is an unscrupulous liar going to make by selling you a bottle of colloidal silver for the ebola virus, when it only works against bacteria? Think about that.

    No comment really necessary. You either trust Jim Stone on this (and other issues) ... or you don't. Vitamin C was championed by Linus Pauling as a cure-all or a preventive agent for almost anything. People died of scurvy long before Pauling.

    Here's a corroborating link, just in case you are not swayed by Stone:

    Ebola and Marburg Virus

    Google Search for "Vitamin C" and Ebola yields ~ 37,200 links

    Note that the 2005 epidemic in Angola which was first referred to as an Ebola like virus has now been called the Marburg Virus. It does not make a difference from the point of view of treatment with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate. Both diseases kill by way of free radicals which can be neutralized by massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.
    Note on another hemorrhagic fever ( acute induced scurvy): Nurse Pineo, the first white that survived the Lassa fever (another hemorrhagic fever) outbreak in Lassa, was, on her own, taking vitamins (Fuller, JG. Fever. Reader's Digest Press. 1974.) Of course that was ignored and they used her convalescent serum for subsequent cases of Lassa fever in medical personnel. Why not give subsequent cases vitamins also? Maybe especially massive doses of vitamin C - to prevent the acute induced scurvy.
    It does not take a genius to figure out that with the increased bowel tolerance to oral ascorbic acid somewhat proportional to the toxicity of the disease that the most serious infectious diseases would rapidly exhaust all the bodies vitamin C, acute induced scurvy, and cause bleeding all over the body and finally free radical deaths.

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