Spread the word to families and friends who have been (mis??)diagnosed with cancer. If not all, certainly many cancers, have fungal origins. Establishment medicine is reluctant to announce this discovery because it stands to lose its cancer cash cow should Dr. Simonscini's discovery of cancer origins take root in the public consciousness.

The treatment of so-called cancer(s) can - in many cases - be as simple as regularly drinking a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of molasses. Chemotherapy and radiation may also help, but establishment medicine is a crapshoot and should only be attempted as a next resort option, not a first resort. IMO.

Here's a few introductory videos on the topic.

Dr. Simoncini:

How to prepare molasses and baking soda drink:

Another explanation how of the drink works:

When to take the drink:

Spread the word and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your friends ... with knowledge of this discovery that was already discovered some 50+ years ago but which has been shelved in favor of establishment claims of cancer(s)' origin.


ps: In short, the molasses+baking soda treatment essentially uses the molasses to attract the cancer/fungal cell into consuming the sugar ... and teh baking soda piggybacks on teh sugar to enter the cancer/fungal cell and then destroy it from within. Kinda like the Trojan Horse allegorical tale.