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Thread: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

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    Cool Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    OCTOBER 11TH 2011

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    Listen to the Interview:

    Adam Trombly, Director of Project Earth for the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen has proven to be one of the most influential and unorthodox scientists of his generation. In 1980 Adam and colleague Joseph Kahn designed and applied for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, a potentially revolutionary design for super efficient generation of electrical power. In June of 1982, International Letters of Patent were published by the International Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization. (Patent Publication Number WO82/02126)

    In 1983 Adam began to dedicate his efforts to Project Earth. The late R Buckminster Fuller is quoted as saying, "Project Earth is a human design experiment. It will be incumbent on human beings throughout the Earth to become a living network, to demonstrate the power of working synergistically with their environment to insure a future worth living in."

    In 1984 Adam was awarded the RJ Reynolds III Endowment for his efforts with Project Earth. I spoke to the late Mr. Reynolds during a Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs in 1988. He said: "Many people approach me and ask me and my family to support their work. After I heard Adam speak at two separate International Conferences, I approached him! I had never done that before. Adam has never ceased to amaze me. When you know Adam, you begin to see both the present and the future through his eyes. When you see the world like he does then there is this urgency that takes a hold of you to do whatever you can to make a difference for the better. I could not be happier with his work. We all need to listen to this man."

    As the eighties progressed, copies of the Closed Path Homopolar Generator Patent had circulated throughout the world. One scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari, who was then Head of Quality Control for the Tarapore Atomic Power Station in Trombay, India, received permission to carry out experiments with the design. In 1986, Tewari (with the blessing of the late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi) published results of experiments carried out with a crude facsimile of the machine described in the patent. In the American Industrial Journal, Magnets, Tewari wrote, 'The test results have shown an efficiency of the machine above 250%." It was the first time in human history that claims of greater than 100% output had been independently verified by a bona fide third party using the description of the art provided by a patent document.

    This further propelled Adam and Project Earth into the international spotlight. I ran into Adam next at the largest New Energy Technology conference ever held (even up to this point) in Hanover, Germany in 1987. Paramahamsa Tewari had brought his rather crude facsimile of the Trombly/Kahn generator. The next day, Adam gave one of those lectures with an impact that never seems to leave you.

    Adam continued his research into new energy technologies with colleague David Farnsworth. In June, 1989, in New York City, Trombly and Farnsworth physically demonstrated a small solid state electrical transformer that measurably showed an efficiency of 54:1. Adam then walked down the street to the United Nations to give an address. From the point of view of one who witnessed this event firsthand, I can't believe the entire world didn't change as a result. One of the reasons I asked Adam if I could write this piece is because it is now ten* years later and the American people, in particular, have still not gotten the message that there is an entirely new and benign option to the current death spiral of humanity. As the result of ignoring the opportunity that was presented on that day in 1989, the world still suffers under the tyranny of fossil fuels and a global power structure which seems bent on the eradication of all species.

    Today Adam continues to pursue the work of Project Earth in spite of the fact that in his view the destabilization of Planet Earth has reached critical, even nearly irreversible proportions.

    Bio Written by Mark Schreibner

    Adam's Website: Project Earth Online

    DePalma N-machine 1/18 - 1989

    The first three segments of this video feature Adam Trombly at a free energy conference in Switzerland in 1989

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    Scott, that was an excellent interview with Adam Trombly.

    In part 2 of the interview Trombly gets pretty riled up and is clearly "mad as hell and ain't gonna take this anymore".

    The 4 hour+ interview is well worth the time to listen to-imo.

    Trombly connects the dots and illustrates the severity, "emergency" that we are in and time is waning for waking up mankind.

    Thanks for posting this.

    ps, if people are wondering where Trombly has been, well he had cancer in 2005 and diagnosed with 6 months to live and has only recently come out of his personal "retreat" recently into the spotlight in Thrive and this interview.
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    aye Adam is the man, I have over time had the opportunity to talk to Adam for dozens of hours now on & off the record and he is just about the smartest person I have ever spoken to.

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    Yeehaw Free Energy Cowboy!!!

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    this interview was amazing!
    Thank you Scott! I highly recommend listening to it!

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    The Scientist Who Was Right. Unfortunately

    A Biographical Reference RE: Adam Trombly

    By Former Canadian Ambassador James George
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    June 2009 - It was, I suppose, normal for people to disbelieve the dire predictions of the few brave scientists who were trying to warn us twenty-five years ago of the ecological crisis they saw coming. What is not normal is that one of the most prescient of these early scientific whistle-blowers has narrowly survived several assassination attempts, and is still marginalized even today, without the grudging recognition usually given to those whom time has proved to have been remarkably correct in their forecasting.

    This former protégé of the late R. Buckminster Fuller opted, at Fuller's suggestion, to pursue the practice of science as a comprehensivist and "not to let this global vision with which you are gifted die an overspecialized death." His name is Adam Douglass Trombly and he has maintained his "global vision". Indeed, since that conversation with Fuller in 1969, Adam has expanded his focus from astrophysics/cosmology to include those fields of scientific study that are relevant to understanding the Earth and all that humankind has done to her.

    Moreover, Adam is not just a scientist. He is also a Tulku, an emanation of the great Tibetan promulgator of the Ecumenical Tradition, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. Adam was recognized by another emanation of that same mind stream, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, when the two men first met. It is his perhaps unique combination of scientific and spiritual insights that has allowed Adam to come to a perspective that is very relevant to this book. Here we see, in one man's example, the fruit of an awakening that combines rigorous science with rigorous spirituality, practical action in the world along with the contemplation of wholeness. No one has a better track record of predicting, early and accurately, the dire consequences of global warming and telling us what we should do to mitigate them. His cosmological ideas are at the cutting edge of the new paradigm that is emerging—the paradigm that, I believe, will finally reconcile scientific and traditional cosmologies in a new life-sustaining world view for the 21st. Century. By the time I met Adam in 1987 he had already accomplished a number of noteworthy achievements.

    The first was the co-founding of Project Earth™ in 1979 with his friend and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, with the goal of comprehending, and then communicating to others, the actual state of the Earth's environment without the dogmatic and political filters that so often corrupt the clarity of science. One of their founding principles for Project Earth was that they should never draw attention to a problem without, at the same time, having a solution to offer.

    The first of these "solutions" was Adam's co-invention of the Closed Path Homopolar Machine, International Patent Number, WO/1982/002126 with Joseph Kahn. This was another significant milestone— a major breakthrough on the road to escaping from the ecological consequences of our unsustainable fossil fuel economy, since it produced several times more electrical power than it consumed. But the United States government quickly stopped its development with a gag order in 1983 less than two weeks after Adam's mentor, Buckminster Fuller, died.
    The next year, Adam was named an R.J. Reynolds III Scholar. It was this endowment that allowed his work to continue and provided for the survival of Project Earth™ against all the odds.

    Then, in 1985, an Indian atomic scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari, who was then the Head of Quality Control at the Tarapore Atomic Power station in Trombay, India, used the description of the art disclosed in the 1982 Patent Document for the Trombly/Kahn Homopolar Generator to build a facsimile in India. Even though this machine was not as advanced as Adam's had by then become, Tewari reported an output/input ratio of 260% in the March, 1986 issue of the American journal Magnets. It was the first time that claims of power output greater than 100% had ever been physically verified by a bona fide third party working from the description of the art in a patent document.

    As a result of the gag order on his generator, Adam spent most of 1986 working as the Director of the Greystone Institute in Evergreen, Colorado, with a Bulgarian ex-pat scientist, who went by the name of Yul Brown. Brown had rediscovered the extraordinary characteristics of the stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas as derived from water through electrolysis, based on the work of German scientist Vicktor Schauberger in the 1940's.

    After seeing Adam's demonstration of the perfect combustion/implosive-detonation of hydro-oxy gas, the Chairman of the Board of a major oil company was quoted as saying, "This will be the end of oil." As we all know, it was not. Instead, Greystone fell into financial difficulty and the hydro-oxy project was sabotaged out of existence.

    In spite of these difficulties, by 1987 Adam was in great demand on the international lecture circuit, for he was able to explain and forecast trends in the global atmosphere and geosphere better than anyone else. His controversial approach to global climate modeling had attracted both the praise of some and the ire of many conventional scientists. He did not simply speak about the "greenhouse" effect.

    Adam was the first to use the terms "global climate destabilization and global climate change" along with several other terms that are now in general use. In lectures and radio and television interviews throughout the world, he revealed the reality and the causes of global climate change and global ozone depletion beyond the narrow focus on the Antarctic "ozone hole."

    In 1987, the year that I met Adam, he traveled one hundred and sixty thousand miles disseminating the messages of Project Earth™. One could hardly question his commitment or determination.

    So the Adam Douglass Trombly I met in New York was already familiar with the intrigues and sorrows of this troubled planet. He was articulate, incisive, and at times too outspoken for his own good. During an early conversation with Adam, I suggested that he should learn to be more diplomatic. Since then, he has taught me to be less diplomatic.

    Not long after our first meeting Adam introduced me to a remarkable phenomenon in physics, which he claimed was quite possibly the source of the disproportionate output/input ratios of some of the technologies he invented or co-invented.

    This field of energy, he told me, pervades everything, everywhere. In physics, it is called the Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation Background Field. In 1962 the legendary physicist, the late John Archibald Wheeler, wrote in the annual Review of Modern Physics that the mass equivalent energy potential of this field is 1093 grams per cm3. However, the thought that the energy of this field is accessible in any practical way is antithetical to the way reality is still understood by most physicists.

    Even in his teens, Adam had seen a direct link between the zero point field and all manifest existence. Rather than being an empty void, space is, as he puts it, "pervaded by unfathomable energy, which is not the artifact of a 'big bang' but the field in which the implosion that preceded something like a 'big bang' or 'grand inflation' was originally potentiated."

    In Adam's cosmology, "Infinity, which is infinitely present everywhere…ultimately overwhelms or outshines any and all gravitationally bound masses or (for that matter) subjective psychophysical phenomena."

    "In the midst of Infinity, all worlds and all modifications of the all pervading field relax back into our true source and substance. This universe is increasingly no longer gravitationally bound. The expansion of this universe will continue to accelerate until the illusion of separation from the Infinite will simply not be supported on any level whatsoever. Levity overwhelms gravity. Scientists on this planet are just beginning to glimpse the reality of this Field and realize that this Presence is inescapable."

    "The Infinite cannot be left out of the equation. The Infinite is the ultimate equilibrating Force. The Infinite is not properly describable by a shadow cast in time and space referred to by some scientific humorists as 'dark energy.' The Field of our appearance here is not subject to abstraction or being intrinsically broken into singularities. Being is seamless. Phenomena come and go… arise and dissolve. Ultimately, we come to realize that the 'dark energy' is anything but dark."

    "Most of my colleagues find it disconcerting when I refer to the 'Boundless Luminosity of Infinite Space' as acting upon or directly impacting all temporal/phenomenal modifications of this Presence/Field in a manner that is ultimately liberating and is at the root of existence itself. However, the data do not lie. This universe is transforming/resolving in an accelerating momentum in the midst of Infinity and this undeniable fact stands as a stark testimony to the non-intrinsic nature of separation. You see, there is nothing the scientific ego or any other assertion of singularity can do about it!"

    These challenging enigmatic statements about the nature of reality are more likely to resonate with spiritual practitioners than with most conventional scientists. But Adam has to his credit too many practical scientific accomplishments to be easily dismissed. I have already mentioned his zero point energy generator. Another of his endeavors is earthquake prediction, a less esoteric example.

    In September/October of 1987, Adam, with colleagues Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise, accurately forecast the Whittier earthquake in Los Angeles, California, using extremely low frequency signal analyzers to observe pre-seismic disturbances in the earth's resonant magnet field. More than a week prior to the quake, Adam had been interviewed by ABC radio news in that same city and had predicted that a major earthquake would soon hit the city. Officials at UCLA, where he was scheduled to do a major public lecture, were so upset by his prediction that they cancelled his talks. However, after the quake actually happened, Adam was invited back and proceeded to teach packed auditoriums about this new seismic forecasting technology and the broader ecological issues addressed by Project Earth™.

    I have personally observed the fact that Adam and his colleagues have accurately forecast several major earthquakes using this approach, notably the Loma Prieta/San Francisco Quake of 1989, the Scotts Mill/Portland Oregon quake of 1993 and the Northridge quake of 1994.

    The Scotts Mill quake happened during Adam's work with the first Clinton Administration on Vice President Gore's National Performance Review. Adam interacted on a daily basis with the then Head of Strategic Planning for the United States Coast Guard, Captain Michael Egan. Egan was so impressed with the accuracy of Adam's forecasts that he took the matter to the press. However, even though Adam and his colleagues received very positive international press coverage regarding this and other successful forecasts, his method is still not used for the benefit of the public to this day. I am still asking: "Why not?"

    In June of 1989, I found myself in New York again with Adam and his colleague David Farnsworth. After Adam's gag order had been dropped, he and David had further developed yet another type of novel zero point energy technology called the Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator. They had brought a small version of this remarkable device to New York where we demonstrated it at the United Nations.

    After the demonstration and his speech that followed in Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium at the United Nations, Adam received a sustained standing ovation from an international audience. During his speech Adam asked a senior engineer from the Boeing Corporation to either confirm or deny the 54-1 output/input ratio of the device. The Boeing engineer responded: "The device that was just demonstrated today actually works as claimed. There are no tricks and I do know what tricks to look for. I have spent several hours alone with this technology and all I can say is that it works. There is in fact nearly 54 times more electrical output than input. I don't know how it works but I have no doubt that it works."

    That evening I felt uplifted, as I am sure did many others, with a new infusion of hope. We imagined that the world might change for the better from that day forward. It wasn't just the energy technology itself but the energy that so obviously pervaded us all on that day that opened our eyes, our minds and our hearts to the very real possibility of a much kinder and better world in the future.

    The next Monday, Adam, David and I once again demonstrated the same device in the United States Senate Banking and Finance Committee hearing room in Washington. Once again it functioned superbly. However, only Senator Carl Levin and a handful of staff people actually attended. At the last minute, President George H. W. Bush, or someone close to him, had apparently ordered members of his National Security Council to call the nearly two hundred Senators, Congressional Representatives and members of their staffs who had already accepted our invitation and that of our sponsor, Senator Timothy Worth. Suddenly they were invited to the White House for an "off the cuff discussion of the new Clean Air Act" with the President during the exact same time slot which we had scheduled for our demonstration that Monday morning. Naturally, they went to hear the President. We were denied the headlines we needed and had anticipated. Indeed, I must say sadly, we were intentionally pre-empted by the President of the United States!

    What a pity! Our clean technology could provide clean air for the whole Earth and all her people. It consumes no fuel. It requires no radioactive source material. It does not rely on the variable power of the sun or the wind. And it produces no greenhouse gases!

    I have seen this technology work with my own eyes and I have also heard first hand the testimony of highly qualified, independent engineers who have lauded its performance! For the last twenty years I have been asking: "Why is this technology not powering the entire world today?" Instead of embracing this chance for an abundant and clean future, the world continued its descent into chaos. The next step was the Gulf War of 1991.

    Immediately after that Gulf War, executives from Friends of the Earth International in Washington, D.C., who knew that I had once been the Canadian Ambassador to Iran and Kuwait, contacted me. They asked me to head a scientific mission to assess and document the environmental damage done to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf as a direct consequence of that war. Sir Paul McCartney had generously funded the mission.

    I contacted Adam and he agreed to participate in the international team of scientists from Italy, Turkey, and the United States that was assembling. When several members of my team still had no visas for Saudi Arabia on the day of our departure, Adam was able to make a last minute request to his friend, the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. He graciously obliged, and we were off.

    While in the Gulf, Adam played a major role, investigating and filming the incredible damage done by Saddam Hussein's incendiary demolition of more than 700 Kuwaiti oil wells. He also studied and filmed the unbelievable 11 million barrel oil spill in the Persian Gulf while our entire team flew on a large Saudi civil air patrol helicopter which we no doubt owed to Prince Bandar and the endorsement he had given us, along with our visas.

    Adam's videotapes of the fires and the oil spill became a matter of some controversy with one official of the Meteorological Environmental Protection Agency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On the night before Adam's scheduled departure from the Kingdom, this Saudi official threatened him with immediate beheading "for espionage" if he did not turn over "the master copy of the tape." Adam walked down the hall of the building, accompanied by that official, to the Bechtel Corporation offices, which were housed there. There he asked a senior Bechtel employee (to whom he had turned over his "master copy" earlier that day) to please hand the tape over to the official. After also being threatened with decapitation, the Bechtel employee did so. Then the official took Adam back to his personal office and threw the tape into the trash. When Adam protested that this was his scientific data, the official replied: "I will send you away with whatever I feel is appropriate."

    Adam had had an intuition that things might get rough and had arranged for early passage that night out of the Kingdom. He flew back to London and then on to the Netherlands to meet me and provide both his testimony and an edit of his videotapes for an international press conference that Friends of the Earth International hosted in Amsterdam. Thankfully he not only got himself out of a serious predicament but also managed to get his original videotapes out of Saudi Arabia, having given the Saudi official a copy, not the master tape!

    When I was preparing for our press conference in Amsterdam, little did I realize that Adam had stayed up very late the night before with some wonderful employees of the National Radio and Television Studios of the Netherlands who helped him re-edit the video footage and make copies for the international press corps the next day. The evidence exposed by our tape dramatically contradicted the official position of the Bush Administration in Washington that nothing serious was happening as a result of the oil fires and helped to persuade many other countries of the importance of getting them out as quickly as possible.

    I have since learned that by the time Adam and I were flying back to the Unites States a few days later, nearly two billion people had seen some portion of our tape. Our message had found its way into Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, China, India, Japan and Australia. The proverbial cat was out of the bag.

    When Adam and I arrived at Dulles International Airport, two officials from the US State Department approached us. When they requested that Adam turn over his tapes, Adam responded simply by saying, "Fine; you can have them but the contents of these tapes have already been seen by people all over the world. Only the United States and Canada have yet to view some portion of them." The senior official uttered an expletive, and walked away.

    You may by now be wondering why both American and Saudi officials would be so upset by Adam's tape that they would do everything they could to prevent it from being shown. The answer to this and so many other Middle Eastern mysteries lies in one word: oil. Adam had filmed the black plume from the oil fires rising to nearly 20,000 feet, while on the ground U.S. and Saudi officials were insisting that it was not going above 2,000 feet and was therefore not likely to do more than local damage around Kuwait. But any scientist could see that if the plume was rising to 20,000 feet only 200 kilometers South of Kuwait, the environmental consequences to the entire world could not be tolerated for the five years which the Americans were saying it would take their four teams of fire-fighters to get all the oil fires under control. In addition, the major oil companies of the world, the "Seven Sisters," were heavily invested in Saudi Arabia and not averse to seeing the Kuwait oil fires burn off the substantial commercial advantage they had over the Saudis due to the extraordinary gas pressures that made Kuwait oil so much cheaper to extract.

    We released the tape to the United States press corps at our press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the next day. As a result, portions of the tape were transmitted by every major broadcast and cable network, as well as by many specialty and local stations. Subsequently, National Geographic included some of Adams' footage in their film about the oil fires of Kuwait.

    That same videotape (with Adam's narration) became a centerpiece for our testimony before the U.S. Congress. As a result of our testimony, and the plan for remediation that we presented to Senators and Congressional Representatives from both sides of the aisle, there was a six-fold increase in the number of teams who worked valiantly to put out the fires, which were actually extinguished in six months—not the five years that the original four American fire fighting teams had testified that it would take them. Thus, untold damage to the atmosphere and the people of this planet was avoided.

    Nevertheless, there was much suffering. In Bangladesh 143,000 people died in a monster typhoon that was catastrophically exacerbated by the dense effluent from the oil fires of Kuwait. The loss of those poor souls would have only been the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the disaster which could have befallen our planet if the oil fires had been left to burn for five years. We must also remember with gratitude the incredible bravery of more than 18,000 men from many different countries who successfully battled those fires. Those men truly deserve to be called heroes.

    Our mission had in fact catalyzed the largest cooperative international environmental remedial action in history, though it was insignificant compared to the scale of international cooperation that is now required to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

    Next, I turn to another subject in which Adam has had a major role in my education. I have gradually become convinced that there are probably life forms other than us through whom Consciousness is making its presence known. To put it another way, God may have helpers from other planets in actualizing the plan. It seems to me altogether possible that there are more intelligent, more spiritually and technologically advanced cultures than our own, on other planets that we know not of, probably closer in actual realization to the Great Intelligence that pervades our Universe. In this perspective, we can take comfort in the fact that humanity is not facing this daunting crisis alone.

    If what I said seems to you so outrageous that you are ready to stop reading, please don't. Let me make my case. It is a case based on my personal experience with an "unidentified flying object" (or UFO) that I have kept to myself until now for obvious reasons.

    Copyright 2009© Reprinted with permission of Fmr. Canadian Ambassador James George
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    Hey Scott,

    Love this article about Adam story by a Canadian >>>>>>all I can say is WOW!! Sure would be fantastic to also here his UFO experience. Is it recorded anywhere that you know of?? Maybe you could interview Mr James George

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Tesla's Controversial Life and Death
    by Jeane Manning

    Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuels.
    Colorado Springs, International Tesla Symposium,
    July, 1988

    —The man sitting next to me was in tears, shaking with quiet hiccupping sobs as if trying to be unobtrusive. He was rotund and wore thick glasses, but otherwise there was little to distinguish his appearance from that of two hundred other electrical engineers and other Tesla fans in the convention hall, still attentive to the scientist who had addressed them so eloquently and was leaving the podium.

    It was not difficult to figure out why the man beside me was moved emotionally. The guest speaker, astrophysicist Adam Trombly, seemed to have choreographed his talk to lead to the moment. First he warmed up his audience by praising their hero. He reminded them that Nikola Tesla was the turn-of-the-century genius who fathered alternating current technologies, radar, fluorescent tubes, and bladeless turbines. Tesla also presented the first viable arguments for robots, rockets, and particle beams.

    If society had followed up on the inventions Nikola Tesla envisioned at the turn of the century as he rode in a carriage near what is now this hotel, said Trombly,
    "we wouldn't have a fossil-fuel economy today. And J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller and a number of others wouldn't have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of that fossil fuel economy."


    Trombly added that if Tesla's vision had prevailed, we would be dipping into a clean and abundant energy, like taking water from the well of space.

    After all, the theoretical basis for vacuum energy is now part of the physics literature:
    . . . Not just in the literature of the fringe; it's been in Physical Review since 1975, Review of Modern Physics since 1962, and in European physics literature since the early 50s. Harold Puthoff in his May 1987 article in Physical Review D pointed out that in order for the hydrogen atom in its ground state not to collapse, it had to be absorbing energy from the vacuum.
    The astrophysicist saw this scientific work as further vindication of Tesla. Trombly said that in the nineteenth century Tesla prophesied that people would someday hook their machinery up to "the very wheelworks of nature"—the energy of vacuum space.

    Trombly noted that electrons themselves must spontaneously appear out of the background field of energy, or,
    "we would have to invoke a rather Neanderthal concept that everything had its start in a certain moment."
    The speaker paused as if to let the audience catch his sarcasm, then added,
    "because we have embraced this [Big Bang] cosmology for the last couple of decades, we have some real problems."
    In contrast, Trombly said, a more advanced cosmology sees everything as a modification of an energy-rich background field. Our physical bodies are relatively insignificant modifications of that field. The field itself has a potential energy equivalence, in grams, of 10-to-the-94th power grams per cubic centimeter. The human body, in comparison, has a gram equivalent of only about one gram per cubic centimeter.

    That means that the background energy is 10 (wish 94 zeros after the ten) times more energy-rich than our physical bodies.


    It's a lot of energy, Trombly said. Why not invent a pocket size device which could tap a kilowatt of this space energy? It could "just kind of scrape the surface, ever so slightly" of the 10-to-the-94th-power grams per cubic centimeter supply of energy.
    "That's what Nikola Tesla was scheduled to tell Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1943. In 1943 he proposed to FDR that perhaps we should look carefully at the fact that we can get all the energy we need from any space we happen to be in.

    "He didn't show up for the meeting; he was found dead in his apartment— 'natural causes.'"
    The speaker added quietly that despite the official statement on the cause of death, then is some suspicion that Tesla's paranoia about what he ate was more premonition than paranoia. Trombly then related an incident which fueled this suspicion. He had given a speech at the University of Toronto, Canada, for the 1981 conference on Non-Conventional Energy.

    Afterward, an older gentleman with a heavy New York accent came up to Trombly and said he had been a detective at the time Nikola Tesla was found dead, and had been involved in the investigation. The old man had produced vintage credentials to show Trombly that he had indeed been a detective. The man appeared to be old enough to have been an adult in 1943.

    In a soft voice Trombly said that the old man had said that,
    "for national security reasons no one was to know that the coroner's report showed that Tesla was poisoned."
    A shocked silence descended on the Colorado Springs meeting room when the Tesla Society heard this, coming from a physicist who would not lightly risk his reputation by relating such a story. The silence lifted as the audience honored Trombly with applause at the end of his speech.

    To understand why Tesla's story—the life of a dead inventor—can so grip the emotions of yet another generation of technophiles, we need to look at some highlights.


    Tesla was a witty, elegantly-dressed loner, at the height of his fame in the late 1800s when the world knew he had invented the whole system of alternating current (AC) electrical generation and distribution which lit up the cities. But that was barely the beginning of his productivity.

    Born in 1856 in the rural village of Smiljan in what became Yugoslavia, Nikola Tesla in his boyhood went from the highs of mystical communion with nature to the lows of suffering with cholera and the loss of his older brother. His father was a minister who wrote poetry and his mother a storyteller with a photographic memory. She was also an inventor of domestic laborsaving devices.

    Nikola showed his true direction from an early age; at the age of five he invented a unique bladeless waterwheel and placed the little model in a creek. The child also built a motor powered by sixteen live June bugs. His father was not impressed. He insisted that Nikola would follow family tradition and be a clergyman, so he began his son's education at a young age with rigorous mental exercises.

    When he was of legal age, Nikola managed to get his father's permission to study engineering instead of the ministry. After he completed his studies at the Austrian Polytechnic School in Graz and then in 1880 at the University of Prague, he worked for a European telephone company and upgraded their technology.

    Meanwhile, a more difficult challenge which he had shouldered in his college days was always with him; he was determined to improve the electrical motor and dynamo. Dynamos naturally make alternating cur-rent, the type of electric flow which continually changes directions. Tesla intuitively felt that it should be possible to run a motor on AC electricity and eliminate the inefficient sparking of brushes from a commutator.

    His theory went against textbook knowledge in those early days of electrification, when direct current (DC) was considered the only type of current that would run motors.


    Despite ridicule from his engineering professor, Tesla maintained that there had to be a better way. He worked so intensely on this and other engineering problems that his health broke down. While Tesla recuperated, a friend who was a master mechanic and an athlete took him for long walks through Budapest. In February of 1882 one day while they walked in a park, Tesla was inspired by the setting sun. To his amazement, that is when he made a breakthrough to answering the technical challenge of making a workable AC electrical system to turn a motor.

    He was reciting lines from the German poet Goethe's Faust:
    The glow retreats, done is the break of toil; It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring. Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil, Upon its track to follow, follow soaring!
    Tesla was stopped in his tracks by a vivid vision. It was as if a 3-D holographic picture of a rotating magnetic field was in motion in front of his eyes and he could reach out and put his hands into it. He saw how the field—a magnetic whirlwind—was produced by alternating currents out of step with each other. He saw separate coils of wire, arranged as four segments of a circle.

    The first alternating current would energize a coil creating an electromagnetic field which attracted the magnet and then faded. The second overlapping current would feed the next coil and drag the magnet around further and then fade and so on. He saw it as a process similar to the sun traveling around and "giving life wherever she goes."

    Speechless, Tesla waved his arms in excitement. His buddy tried to lead him to a nearby bench, but Tesla grabbed a stick to draw a diagram in the dust.
    "See my motor here! Watch me reverse it," Tesla blurted out.
    His friend was afraid that Tesla had lost his mind. Tesla was indeed in another world at that moment. As he watched his vision move, he saw the electrical principle that later made the twentieth century operate.

    His rotating magnetic field would not only mean a better motor, it would revolutionize the electrical industry. He mapped out refinements of the idea with several or even five overlapping currents at a time—the basis of a polyphase transmission system. But first he had to convince someone to finance the development of these world-changing inventions. A stepping-stone to that goal was a job in Paris later that year, where he attracted the attention of the Continental Edison Company by his successes as a troubleshooter who fixed their dynamos. Another step was to demonstrate the first induction motor for the mayor of Strasburg.

    The mayor had invited wealthy potential investors to the demonstration, but they failed to comprehend Tesla's vision of a future for the brushless motor.


    Surely it would be welcomed in America, Tesla thought. At twenty-eight years of age he was ready to make his move to the land of opportunity, where he expected that his great discovery would be quickly developed for humanity's use. Before Tesla left Paris, one of his bosses at Continental Edison handed him a letter introducing him to the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
    "I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man," the letter read.
    When Tesla stepped off the ship in New York on June 6, 1884, he only had four pennies in his pocket, because he had been robbed on the way to the ship. But he did not at all resemble the stereotypical impoverished immigrant; he wore a bowler hat and stylish coat, and his posture was aristocratic. He still had the letter of introduction to Thomas Edison.

    Edison, then age thirty-seven, had already proven his ability as a businessman as well as inventor. He was a hero to Tesla at first. The polite European admired Edison's accomplishments—discoveries made by trial-and-error and with only grade-school level of formal education. Tesla ignored his rough manners. But Edison on the other hand repudiated Tesla's theory on how to work with AC electricity; Edison used DC in his electric lamps and had invested all his efforts in DC technologies.

    Tesla was put to work repairing and improving Edison's DC dynamos and motors on board a ship. He also won Edison's grudging respect by working eighteen-hour days in Edison's Manhattan workshop, seven days a week, and by conquering difficult technical problems.

    One day Tesla described how he could improve the efficiency of Edison's dynamo, and Edison reportedly replied, "There's fifty thousand dollars in it for you if you can do it." The European immigrant worked tirelessly—thirty-two hours in one stretch. After months of work, the new machines were tested and found to measure up, and Edison prepared to profit from his improved dynamo.

    When Tesla went to the boss and asked for the promised $50,000 bonus, however, Edison would not pay.
    "Tesla," he said, "you don't understand our American humor."
    Nikola Tesla had a well-developed sense of humor, but when someone reneged on a verbal deal he was not amused. He walked out, and into a job on a crew digging ditches with pick and shovel.

    Two years later Tesla's luck changed; he had the opportunity to develop his "polyphase system" of AC and patented the AC motor, generator and transformer. By 1891, Tesla had forty patents on his AC induction motor and polyphase system.

    An industrialist and inventor of the railroad air brake, George Westinghouse of Pittsburgh, helped Tesla to change history. Westinghouse, a stocky, adventurous man with a walrus mustache, shared Tesla's vision of a power system that could harness hydroelectric resources such as Niagara Falls and could send high-voltage electricity on wires over vast distances. He bought all of Tesla's patents on the polyphase AC system, and signed a contract to pay Tesla a million dollars cash, plus royalties of $2.50 per horsepower produced by the system.

    Tesla thought he would never have to worry about money again; he could invent to his heart's content.


    One of the first challenges that Westinghouse and Tesla faced together was what was called the War of the Currents—the AC/DC battle. It was a time when America's power grid had not yet been built but DC proponents were nevertheless becoming an entrenched interest group stubbornly lighting the use of alternating current (AC) for generating, sending and using electricity. Thomas Edison led the opposition. His own inventions used direct current (DC).

    However, DC does not travel well. To give people electrical lights, heat and other uses of the current, a power plant had to be built for every square mile served. At the end of a mile of DC power line, light bulbs barely glowed. Skyscrapers and their elevators would have been impossible to build if Edison's views had won.

    Tesla knew that AC was the better system for electrical distribution; it could easily travel for hundreds of miles down very slender wires at high pressures (high voltage) and then transformers could reduce the voltage for household use.

    In the War of the Currents, most of the casualties were animals. During the time that Edison gave speeches defending the merits of DC over AC, the neighborhood around his New Jersey laboratory was mysteriously losing dogs and cats. Throughout 1887 Edison or his staff grabbed animals off the street by day, and at night invited reporters and other guests to watch what happened when an unsuspecting dog was pushed onto a tin sheet and electrocuted with high voltages—using the Tesla/Westinghouse AC current, of course. Edison referred to electrocuting as "Westinghousing."

    Carrying on this strategy of linking AC with electrocution and death, the Edison camp distributed scare pamphlets warning that Westinghouse wanted to put this deadly AC current into every American home. However, Edison omitted the fact that the current would first be reduced in voltage. Through this disinformation campaign, Edison was determined to sway the public toward his DC technology, inefficient as it was.

    To answer accusations against the safety of AC, Tesla in turn developed showmanship; he proved that he could conduct AC through his own body without ill effects. He stood on a platform in white tie and tails and cork-bottomed shoes. Bolts of electricity crackled and snapped, and he allowed several hundred thousand volts to dance over his body and light the bulbs in his hands.

    However, although the voltage (pressure) of the electricity was high, he reduced the amperage (quantity) and used high frequencies. That type of electrical current crawls over a body and therefore doesn't reach vital organs. As an argument against Edison it was cheating, because domestic AC switches back and forth on a conductor 60 times a second, not thousands of times as in high frequencies.

    Edison, however, played dirtier. He persuaded state prison authorities to kill a death-row prisoner with AC current instead of executing him by hanging. It was a further attempt to popularize the phrase "to Westinghouse" as a replacement for "to electrocute." Prison officials miscalculated the amount of current needed to kill the condemned man, and newspaper reporters witnessed a messy smoky execution.

    Despite Edison's efforts, Tesla and Westinghouse won the Battle of the Currents. In 1892 Westinghouse built an AC system for lighting the 1893 world fair in Chicago.


    A big hydroelectric project was the second major victory for AC supporters; in 1895 Tesla's first generating unit was put into operation at Niagara Falls. Eventually, Tesla's distribution system delivered immense amounts of electrical power across the continent. Since Westinghouse had signed a contract giving Tesla $2.50 per horsepower, Tesla could have died as a multibillionaire.

    "Morganization" intervened, however, with cut-throat practices directed against George Westinghouse. Business competitors in the real-life game of Monopoly tried to squeeze him out of the power picture and gave him an ultimatum:
    "get rid of your contract with Tesla or you're finished."
    When Westinghouse laid his cards in front of Tesla and admitted to being in financial trouble, Tesla demonstrated his priorities. He remembered that

    Westinghouse had believed in him and had invested in the new AC patents when others had not had such courage. Therefore, so that Westinghouse would survive financially and the technology would be developed, Tesla took a cash settlement and walked away from the millions of future dollars assigned to him by the per-horsepower deal. He tore up the lucrative contract in order to help a friend.

    Meanwhile, the power monopolists were poised to grab as much money as possible. When Tesla's inventions made it possible to send electrical power from huge waterfalls across the states, tycoons prepared to make fortunes in utility companies. These captains of industry wanted the 60-cycle-per-second AC power system to continue to grow and cover the earth with power poles, transformers and wires.

    Transmission towers would march up and down mountainsides and across deserts. Power companies would dam rivers for hydro power and make the people pay for every watt sent over the companies' copper wires. The power magnates did not want the inventor to uproot this growing forest of money trees.

    J. Pierpont Morgan pulled the strings that formed the huge company General Electric, for example, and had already bought up copper mines knowing that transmission wires would eventually crisscross every industrialized continent.

    But Tesla was a discoverer, not a business shark. His new plan was wireless transmission of energy—free energy for anyone who sticks a tuned receiver into the ground while Tesla's tuned transmitter was resonating frequencies!

    The financiers on Wall Street didn't catch the drift of Tesla's "wireless" talk right away. The plan was so futuristic that it was literally over every-one's head. But he was giving enough clues for anyone who had been ready to catch his vision. In the same year that the lighting of the World's Fair dazzled society, he talked about "earth resonance" at a lecture to the prestigious Franklin Institute.

    Earth resonance was part of his vision for wireless power. The secret is sending out the correct frequency—speed of vibration—with electrical pulses. Just as a piano string will vibrate when another instrument at a distance hits the same note as its tuned frequency, wireless receivers would resonate with the transmitter frequencies. The power would be tuned in just like you tune in a radio station. Some Tesla researchers also believe that he could have resonated the cavity between the ionosphere and the ground.

    Just like the cavity within a violin, this spherical Schumann cavity has its own resonant frequency. Disregarding the danger of making his own previous inventions obsolete, in the next few years he thought up the processes necessary for futuristic wireless transmission.

    While the business community assumed he was talking about wireless communications signals only, he had a far Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries grander plan—sending power wirelessly in order that anyone at any place on the planet could plug into freely-available electricity. Before his financiers figured out where Tesla's research was leading, it was briefly funded by men such as Colonel John Jacob Astor as well as Morgan.

    The same year that Tesla's generator turned on the power from Niagara Falls, he suffered a major setback. One night in March of 1895 his laboratory burned down, with all files and apparatus destroyed. When he returned from a meeting, he discovered the smoking mess of twisted metal that had fallen through two floors to the foundations of the building. Afterward he wandered through the streets in a daze for hours.

    The loss of his papers meant that he could not document what he had been working on. For example, later that year the discovery of X-rays by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was made public.

    Tesla's papers could have proven that he had been the first to take pictures by X-ray.


    Next Tesla concentrated on patenting his methods for sending power and messages wirelessly. In 1889 to 1890, Tesla moved his operations to the high country of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to test his new ideas and develop the art of tuned radio frequency. He built a high-voltage laboratory on a hillside cow pasture. Inside his lab was the world's largest Tesla coil, and the building was topped by a flagpole-like structure. While experimenting on a massive scale, toward his new goal of sending electromagnetic vibrations throughout Earth, he predicted that Tesla coils could also be pocket-size message receiving devices.

    Tesla's God of Lightning experiments in Colorado Springs were truly dramatic. Thunder reverberated for at least 15 miles when he fired up the electrical discharges. His massive 52-foot diameter Tesla coils discharged more than 12 million volts at a burst, and threw electric sparks of more than a hundred feet in length from the copper ball on top of his pole.

    The townspeople sometimes thought his laboratory was on fire. The ground under their feet was so highly charged that spectators at a distance from the laboratory would see tiny sparks between their heels and the sandy soil when they walked, according to biographer Margaret Cheney. Half a mile away, horses would get a shock from their metal horseshoes and would bolt in panic.

    The inventor did start a fire one day, when his "magnifying transmitter" experiment accidentally burned out the power plant for the town of Colorado Springs. The town went dark and the overloaded dynamo was in flames. It took Tesla's team of technicians a week to repair the town's generator.


    Satisfied that he knew enough to carry out his magnificent vision of a world telegraphy system and wireless power, Tesla returned to New York. He hired an architect to design a building with a 154 foot high wooden tower, to be used as a huge transmitter. The tower was topped with a doughnut-shaped copper electrode.

    As the design changed, the structure evolved to the shape of a giant mushroom sprouting above the low hills of Long Island. Tesla named the project Wardenclyffe, envisioning a station to send out power as well as to broadcast communication channels of all radio wavelengths. The tower was nearly finished in 1902, along with the square brick building, 100 feet on each side, built below it for a power-house and laboratory.

    Tesla predicted that when people experience wireless transmission of electrical power affecting their everyday lives,
    "humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick."
    The excitement that he anticipated never had a chance to develop, however. Work on the structure halted in 1906 after J. Pierpont Morgan stopped funding it.

    Some historians believe that Morgan had been sincerely interested in wireless broadcasting. Others argue that Morgan's motivation for briefly funding Tesla's tower was to gain control over Tesla. As long as Tesla was an uncontrolled loner, a wild card in the industrial world, his inventions could threaten Morgan's investments in the electrical industry. If wireless transmission of power worked, of course, the value of power utilities and copper mines would plummet. Morgan's companies such as General Electric could have toppled.

    While Tesla's fortunes went downhill starting in 1906, Morgan would not reply to Tesla's letters, and other financiers on Wall Street also turned their backs on Tesla for the remainder of his life. In a letter begging an associate for financial help, Tesla mentioned one of the tactics used to discredit him.
    "My enemies have been so successful in representing me as a poet and a visionary . .."
    One of Tesla's biographers is Dr. Marc Seifer, a psychology professor who researched a psycho-biography of Tesla for his doctoral thesis. Seifer believes that Tesla sowed the seeds of his own financial ruin by not making clear to J. P. Morgan, Sr. his intention to broadcast power from Wardenclyffe as well as to send communications.

    However, Seifer also thinks that Morgan could have transcended his own limitations and given Tesla the money to complete at least the radio portion of the tower "and the world would have evolved in a totally different way."


    Instead, from that time onward Tesla was unable to build the technologies which he believed would help humanity. Seifer mentions the influential men whom Morgan paid a visit when they were ready to close a deal with Tesla. "Morgan purposefully scuttled any future ways Tesla could raise money."

    He was deeply in debt, having plowed all his resources into his experiments and Wardenclyffe. Having a strong taste for the elegant life, he had run up an outrageous tab in his more than twenty years of living at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. The hotel took the deed for Wardenclyffe in lieu of payment. Seifer feels that one reason for Tesla handing over the property to the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria is that he thought he could eventually resurrect the project.

    His plan was to develop an invention that would be a big money-maker, and his hopes were pinned onto his bladeless turbine/pump. Tesla expected the bladeless turbine to replace the gasoline engine in auto-mobiles, ocean liners and airplanes and then he would use the subsequent wealth to complete his project for world-wide wireless power.

    Seifer concludes that one of Tesla's motivations for another invention, a beam weapon which was also called a death ray, was to convince his government that the Wardenclyffe tower should be saved for military use. By attaching a beam weapon to it, he could have claimed that the tower was a strategic property for shooting down incoming aircraft or submarines during World War I.

    His efforts were further scattered during this time by a lawsuit against Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian who had hung around his laboratory before the fire of March 13, 1885. In 1901 Marconi sent a signal across the Atlantic which in the eyes of the public secured Marconi's claim to be the inventor of radio.

    When Tesla had heard the news of the transatlantic wireless signal, he reportedly said,
    "Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He's using seventeen of my patents."
    By the time Tesla tried to collect the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed him so he could rescue Wardenclyffe, most of his patents had elapsed. He did resurrect his main radio patent in 1914, Seifer said. Tesla did not win his suit against Marconi, not because of the legal strength of his case but because World War I interfered.

    The assistant attorney general of the time, Franklin Roosevelt, and President Woodrow Wilson pushed for a law saying there could be no patent disputes during the war. Seifer added that by the time the war was over it was much more difficult for Tesla to sue. (Eight months after his death, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Tesla's radio-related patents preceded Marconi's. Even after the court's decision, school history books continue to credit Marconi for in venting radio.)

    Tesla was squeezed out of the picture by the force of corporate interests.
    "David Sarnoff was Marconi's front man, and Sarnoff created RCA and NBC and purposely kept Tesla's patents out of the loop," Seifer said. "So when people like Hammond and Marconi were getting $500,000 at a clip for their wireless patents, Tesla got nothing."


    The picture of corporate ruthlessness is reinforced by the experience of the late Philo T. Farnsworth, an inventor of television. In Philo's biography, Elma G. Farnsworth told about Sarnoff's treatment of her husband, and about the early 1930s when RCA dominated the radio industry to the point where no one could make broadcasting or receiving equipment with-out paying patent royalties to RCA.
    "RCA's policy regarding patents, licenses, and royalties was very simple: the company was formed to collect patent royalties. It never paid them."
    Elma Farnsworth added that corporations have always been ambivalent toward inventors and patents. "Although they regard patents as a huge bulwark when protecting their own monopolies, they see the patent system as a great nuisance when it upholds the rights of an individual." She gives the example of two pioneers of radio who battled RCA for their rights unsuccessfully. Dr. Lee DeForest died bankrupt and Major Howard Armstrong put on his coat, hat and gloves and walked out the high window of his New York Apartment.

    Tesla never threatened suicide, but he did admit to despairing. Before he could make much progress with the bladeless turbine, his dream of saving the Wardenclyffe structure began to crumble. For one thing, the new owner saw no value in the project and did not post guards on the property. Since the businessman believed that Tesla was just a vain dreamer, he did not try to protect the contents of the laboratory and it was vandalized and stripped.

    The Wardenclyffe tower was dynamited in 1917, but not by the government as some legends would have it. Instead it was torn down to be sold as scrap metal. After this dramatic turning point in Tesla's career, he began to disappear from public view.


    Perhaps partly to run away from the sight of the ruined Wardenclyffe structure, the inventor traveled to Chicago. That city held memories of earlier, more triumphant, times such as the World's Fair of 1893 which showcased his AC technologies. Now he spent time with biographer Hugo Gernsback as well as worked on technical problems with the round disks in his bladeless turbine. In his day the available steel was not strong enough far anything moving at such a high speed.

    (Again, he was ahead of his time and in the 1990s engineers are beginning to catch up and even improve on his designs. The Tesla Engine Builders' Association is a cooperative network of researchers doing just what their name says. This is perhaps the most practical Tesla invention at this time, and could be extensively replacing fossil fuel or nuclear power generation.)

    From Chicago he moved again, living alternately in Milwaukee and New York for a few years. During this time he sold a speedometer which he invented to a watch company. It was installed in the luxury cars of the day and provided him some income. Among other inventions which earlier had fleetingly provided income was a fountain which he designed in 1915.

    He figured out how to power a decorative fountain to get aesthetically-pleasing effects with little water.


    Was Tesla also a would-be defense contractor? Tesla had a liaison in Germany before World War I and in 1916 to 1917 they planned to put the bladeless turbine in tanks and other war vehicles. This was the reason that J. P. Morgan, Jr. doled out more than $20,000 to Tesla to develop the turbine, Seifer notes.

    In a recent book, Dr. Seifer chronicles Tesla's "lost years," from 1915 onward, when the inventor tried unsuccessfully to raise money for resurrecting his wireless project. Seifer encountered correspondence and articles linking Tesla to such shadowy figures as a Nazi propagandist and a German munitions manufacturer from whom the desperate inventor was trying to get funding by selling his death ray concepts. Those attempts ended when war was declared between their two countries.

    About Tesla's links to warlords during the 1930s, Seifer says,
    "There's a whole secret side here that needs to be explored further. I did the best I could."
    Unknown to most Teslaphiles, the inventor was not always based in New York during those hidden years. For example, around the year 1925 to 1926 he was in Philadelphia working on the turbine design, and in 1931 he was in Massachusetts working with the head of U.S. Steel in an attempt to put his turbines in the steel mills.

    Seifer says a 300 page book was written about Tesla's turbine, but it has not surfaced since the inventor's death.


    Tesla kept a much lower profile regarding another invention. The story— seemingly impossible to document, generations later—is that when he was around sixty-five, Tesla or his helpers pulled the gasoline engine out of a new Pierce-Arrow and stuck in an 80 horsepower alternating current electric motor. But no batteries! Instead, he bought a dozen vacuum tubes, wires and resistors.

    Soon he had the parts arranged in a box which sat beside him in the front seat of the car. One account says the mysterious box was two feet long, a foot wide and six inches high, with two rods sticking out of it. From the driver's side, Tesla reached over and pushed the rods in, and the car took off at up to 80 miles per hour. He is reported to have test-driven the loaned Pierce-Arrow for a week. If this story is true, the secret of his power source died with him.

    There are clues that indicate he could well have driven a car on "free energy." For example, Tesla wrote to his friend Robert Johnson, editor of Century magazine, that he had invented an electrical generator that didn't need an outside source of power. In the early 1930s, Tesla announced that he had, more than twenty-five years earlier, harnessed cosmic rays and made them operate a moving device.

    Trying to discover what he had been talking about, today's researchers comb through his patents, such as "Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy," U.S. Patent No. 658,957, 1901. The research indicates Tesla was working on his "free energy" generator before he hammered out a major article for Robert Johnson's June 1900 issue of Century, in which he describes sending power wirelessly.

    He writes that a device for getting energy directly from the sun would not be very profitable and there-fore would not be the best solution. Researchers such as scientist Oliver Nichelson of Utah read this to mean that Tesla had learned that a "free energy" device would never be allowed to reach the market, but a system in which someone could still profit by selling power delivered wirelessly had more of a chance of being allowed by the financial tycoons.

    Today's creative-edge physicists may be vindicating Tesla's so-called free energy invention with their theories about the possibility of tapping incredibly abundant—estimated to be the energy equivalent of 10-to-the-94th-power grams per cubic centimeter —supply of energy from the vacuum of space that Adam Trombly spoke about.


    According to his biographers, Tesla died in genteel poverty in a hotel room in 1943 at age eighty-seven. His memory was honored in a funeral service at St. John's cathedral, attended by more than two thousand people including the elite of the day.

    Although Tesla had become a United States citizen in 1899 and valued his citizenship highly for the next fifty-nine years, he was strangely treat-ed like a recent immigrant at the end of his life. After his death the public was told that his papers had been shipped back to Yugoslavia, and that authorities in Washington had sent in the Custodian of Alien Property to deal with his belongings. U.S. government agents reportedly had first crack at his safe and other papers. Later a Tesla museum was built in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, to house whatever Tesla memorabilia survived the events after his death.

    When biographer Margaret Cheney looked into the military's possession of Tesla papers taken from the Office of Alien Properties, the trail led to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The response from Wright-Patterson AFB under the Freedom of Information Act in 1980 was that "The organization (Equipment Laboratory) that performed the evaluation of Tesla's papers was deactivated several years ago. After conducting an extensive search of lists of records retired by that organization, in which we found no mention of Tesla's papers, we concluded that the documents were destroyed at the time the laboratory was deactivated."

    Believe that or not, the fact remains that a great discoverer was left out of our history books but is known among researchers of alternative technology. Does the military own Tesla technology information which could be used for cleaning up the planet instead of for destructive purposes? Did those industrialists who have monopolies on coal and oil also try to control Tesla's legacy?

    Consider his claim of inventing an electrical generator that would not consume any fuel.
    "In many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe," Tesla said. "...Throughout space there is energy."
    If that energy had been harnessed, those who profit by the myth of scarcity would not have been able to drum up support for their oil wars.

    Whether he died of natural causes or was deliberately given arsenic, the story of Nikola Tesla is clouded by the actions of those who lacked his dedication to improving the lot of humanity.

    The man softly crying as he sat beside me at the Tesla symposium may have been a finely-tuned receiver for the prevailing mood in the room. His fist clenched when Adam Trombly said,
    "Thomas Edison was promoted and promoted, but Nikola Tesla was a genius who was orders of magnitude greater."

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Maybe it is all about timing. Sad as it is for these great men who bang the drum for the rest of humanity to wake up to Free energy and pull the plug on the Global Controllers. thanks Scott, great article!

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Scientific Proof of the Presence of the “God Field” Confirmed by CERN

    In what could have been a Declaration of Global Energy Independence on July 4th, 2012, CERN Research of Switzerland announced the discovery of the “Higgs” boson, also known as the “God particle”. The real story is that an international group of scientists confirmed the existence of an All-Pervading Field of incalculable energy, which precedes and is the source of all mass.

    The way the announcement was made by CERN left the impression that scientists had merely discovered yet another “particle”, another tiny piece of existence, which has little or no apparent relevance to any of our lives.

    I wanted to shout; “It’s the Field! Tell the whole world about THE FIELD. The Field is the Context. The “particle” is just a moment, a by-product of the Field. There is no “God particle” seperate from the “God Field”.

    Some of us have been pointing out the existence of this All-Pervading Field for a very long time. We have even provided various forms of experimental physical proof of its reality going back to Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago. Tesla referred to this Field as “cosmic energy” and drove an automobile powered by it. Heisenberg referred to it as the, “zero-point quantum vacuum fluctuation background field ” aka, the “zero-point field”.

    Renaming this Field the “Higgs field” is really an attempt at rebranding by certain members of the scientific community. It is a strange egoic form of verbal idolatry. However, a change in nomenclature does not alter the fact that a small group of researchers have for over a century tried to expose the fact that we are always in the midst of this Field which is the source of unfathomable power and which is in fact our own Source and Substance.

    Mass is not the source of energy; Energy is the source of mass.

    It is in the midst of this Field of boundless energy that a vast spectrum of transitional states between quantum vacuum zero-spin space and quantum vacuum spin space arise in every moment. Spin can be induced in “empty” Space. Every atom and molecule, every boson, every fermion, every hadron, every quark, every sub-particle of a sub-particle, is being the dynamic modification of this All-Pervading Space.

    There is this Presence, which is Infinitely Present Everywhere. Most of us have felt this Presence without any technology whatsoever. That is why the acknowledgement of the reality the Boundless Field of Infinite Space is really important news.

    Now it all gets down to how we relate to Space. I mean this quite literally. The way that we relate to Space will determine what kind of future, if any, our species will have.

    We could relate to Space as if we are separate from “It”. We could choose to feel like abandoned children, dis-integrated from our own Basic Nature. We could choose to relate to each other as totally separate “realities”. We could endlessly wage wars to secure the ever-diminishing stocks of fossil fuels, which were made obsolete by Tesla over a century ago. We could poison present and future generations of all species with “safe” nuclear technologies.

    On the other hand we could relate to Space as the Source and the Substance of everything that appears. We could relate to Space itself as an Infinite resource from which we can learn to draw unlimited power. Instead of feeling separate and alone we could feel at one with our own Nature and with our fellow beings.

    Which do you choose?

    Our planet and all species have been subjected for long enough, to a world industrial system dominated by dissipative technologies, born of truly primitive subjective interpretations of “reality”. Our subjugation to the tyranny of these technologies has led to utter environmental degradation and the destabilization of the climatological and geophysical integrity of our entire planet.

    The simple truth is this. There is this Presence, this Space, this Field, which is incalculably greater than mere physicality.

    It is possible to induce spin in zero-spin Space such that the potential of Space forms transitional moments which “decay” into the vortical/torroidal expressions of energy we call “particles” aka mass. I know for a fact that many experiments have been carried out and many prototype technologies have been made in several countries that demonstrate the Presence of this Field with relatively simple means. No one really needs a twenty billion-dollar particle accelerator project to access this ever-present resource.

    The official acknowledgement of the Presence of this Field ultimately signals the possibility of our emergence beyond an economy of mere consumption and parasitism. We can rise up from this difficult time into a period of unprecedented abundance for all the peoples of Earth

    I could cite many different zero-point quantum vacuum energy based technologies that I have personally had hands-on experience with. Instead, let me speak to experiments carried out at Los Alamos National Laboratories, which provide an amazing contrast to the super-sized scale experiments at CERN.

    Dr. Victor Klimov, a Russian ex-pat scientist and Los Alamos National Laboratories Fellow, demonstrated that a solar cell he invented produced two electrons instead of one per every photovoltaic event. Through a process, which he calls “Multiple Exciton Generation” (MEG) Klimov et al. demonstrated that it is possible to tap into the background field and bring back two electrons instead of one. The only place the extra electron could have come from is “Vacuum Space”.

    Nineteen major laboratories throughout the world have duplicated this experiment. The United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado confirmed this technology is real, including the fact that it each “extra” electron is derived from “vacuum space”.

    Considering that this technology taps into the All-Pervading Field for far less money and far fewer resources than the CERN experiments and that it produces practical, usable, electric power one would think this should be big news. Instead when Klimov’s results were announced in 2006 the story was stonewalled by the corporate news media.

    It is my testimony that wherever we are there is the Presence of unfathomable energy. This energy can be tapped into to power all of our needs. We can transcend the politics of scarcity. We can emerge beyond this difficult moment of extreme climatological and geophysical crisis into a completely new and much better way of life, which acknowledges and utilizes that which is always already Present.

    We can allow ourselves to feel this Presence right here and right now. We are seamlessly and perfectly related in this Presence. It is our very Nature.

    The more we adjust to the reality of this Presence, the more the concept of the “other” will vanish from our feeling and the more we can all feel Wholeness that is beyond words. We can tap into our own ever-present Source and power the Earth with clean and abundant energy. We can make Peace and feel Peace even now.

    Adam Trombly

    Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen
    Co-Founder, Director Project Earth

    Copywrite © 2012 All rights reserved

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Had a nice conversation with Adam yesterday about setting up another interview.
    We decided we would try and do one in a few weeks, I say try because when I speak with Adam via skype some strange things usually occur with Skype. During our 3 hour chat I had 2 DLL skype crash's my mic stopped working for 10 minutes and we were disconnected at least 15 times.

    So far he wants to speak about Planetary wide methane release's, Geo-Engineering and The Background Field.


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