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Thread: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    I am looking forward to that....I enjoy his energy and appreciate his insights.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Had a nice conversation with Adam yesterday about setting up another interview.
    We decided we would try and do one in a few weeks, I say try because when I speak with Adam via skype some strange things usually occur with Skype. During our 3 hour chat I had 2 DLL skype crash's my mic stopped working for 10 minutes and we were disconnected at least 15 times.

    So far he wants to speak about Planetary wide methane release's, Geo-Engineering and The Background Field.


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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Blessings and good vibes for making this happen Scott and Adam. I wait with bated breath for the enjoyment, knowledge, wisdom, support and encouragement to envision FE reality for our planet and all her species

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Really good interview, spent a couple of days listening to both parts on and off, plan to re-listen again some point in the next week to make sure I've understood all the important points.

    I'd actually not heard of Adam before so it's pretty awesome to discover someone new who's got so much to contribute.

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    This guy is obviously a genius...with an agenda. I guessed that within a few minutes of the interview but I listened for about a year and a half, actually i meant an hour and a half (Freudian slip?)

    The lynchpin of his story is mind control and he cites the significance of the Lilly Wave. Trombly suggests doing a search of the Lilly Wave for corroboration which, of course, I did. I could only find references from 'mind control' sites so I proceeded to search for relevant amplitude equal sine wave examples. And this is what I found

    Brother, such a smart guy. What is he up to?

    Sad, that a potential force for good has been co-opted by something.
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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    OCTOBER 11TH 2011

    Attachment 27

    Listen to the Interview:

    Adam Trombly, Director of Project Earth for the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen has proven to be one of the most influential and unorthodox scientists of his generation. In 1980 Adam and colleague Joseph Kahn designed and applied for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, a potentially revolutionary design for super efficient generation of electrical power. In June of 1982, International Letters of Patent were published by the International Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization. (Patent Publication Number WO82/02126)

    In 1983 Adam began to dedicate his efforts to Project Earth. The late R Buckminster Fuller is quoted as saying, "Project Earth is a human design experiment. It will be incumbent on human beings throughout the Earth to become a living network, to demonstrate the power of working synergistically with their environment to insure a future worth living in."

    In 1984 Adam was awarded the RJ Reynolds III Endowment for his efforts with Project Earth. I spoke to the late Mr. Reynolds during a Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs in 1988. He said: "Many people approach me and ask me and my family to support their work. After I heard Adam speak at two separate International Conferences, I approached him! I had never done that before. Adam has never ceased to amaze me. When you know Adam, you begin to see both the present and the future through his eyes. When you see the world like he does then there is this urgency that takes a hold of you to do whatever you can to make a difference for the better. I could not be happier with his work. We all need to listen to this man."

    As the eighties progressed, copies of the Closed Path Homopolar Generator Patent had circulated throughout the world. One scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari, who was then Head of Quality Control for the Tarapore Atomic Power Station in Trombay, India, received permission to carry out experiments with the design. In 1986, Tewari (with the blessing of the late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi) published results of experiments carried out with a crude facsimile of the machine described in the patent. In the American Industrial Journal, Magnets, Tewari wrote, 'The test results have shown an efficiency of the machine above 250%." It was the first time in human history that claims of greater than 100% output had been independently verified by a bona fide third party using the description of the art provided by a patent document.

    This further propelled Adam and Project Earth into the international spotlight. I ran into Adam next at the largest New Energy Technology conference ever held (even up to this point) in Hanover, Germany in 1987. Paramahamsa Tewari had brought his rather crude facsimile of the Trombly/Kahn generator. The next day, Adam gave one of those lectures with an impact that never seems to leave you.

    Adam continued his research into new energy technologies with colleague David Farnsworth. In June, 1989, in New York City, Trombly and Farnsworth physically demonstrated a small solid state electrical transformer that measurably showed an efficiency of 54:1. Adam then walked down the street to the United Nations to give an address. From the point of view of one who witnessed this event firsthand, I can't believe the entire world didn't change as a result. One of the reasons I asked Adam if I could write this piece is because it is now ten* years later and the American people, in particular, have still not gotten the message that there is an entirely new and benign option to the current death spiral of humanity. As the result of ignoring the opportunity that was presented on that day in 1989, the world still suffers under the tyranny of fossil fuels and a global power structure which seems bent on the eradication of all species.

    Today Adam continues to pursue the work of Project Earth in spite of the fact that in his view the destabilization of Planet Earth has reached critical, even nearly irreversible proportions.

    Bio Written by Mark Schreibner

    Adam's Website: Project Earth Online

    DePalma N-machine 1/18 - 1989

    The first three segments of this video feature Adam Trombly at a free energy conference in Switzerland in 1989

    he is great man for sure.. I have never seen this video so I really thanks for you sharing it...Just one of my idols.. Thanks again

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Quote Originally Posted by DarnellGoodman View Post
    he is great man for sure.. I have never seen this video so I really thanks for you sharing it...Just one of my idols.. Thanks again
    Thanks Darnell, and welcome to the forum!
    New members first posts are auto moderated if they contain links to stop spammers, and I have only just spotted yours was on moderation, I'm really sorry about that. Nice to see you here anyhow.

    God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in the animals and thinks in Man.

    True freedom requires sacrifice and pain. Most Human Beings only THINK they want freedom, in truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid law's and materialism. The only freedom Man really wants, is the freedom to be comfortable.

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    Re: Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy

    Still one of my Favorite Interviews I have ever done, I still listen to this one all the time


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