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Thread: Little Pharma salesmen

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    Little Pharma salesmen

    How a pharmacy (drug store) monopoly pushes up your medicine price and makes pharmacies million dollar businesses.

    Here in Australia:

    THEY are the taxpayer funded pharmacy millionaires, 941 chemist shops making more than a million dollars a year from a system that’s hurting consumers and taxpayers.

    A shocking audit report has revealed how the taxpayer funded $15.4 billion pharmacy agreement that stifles competition is turning one in six pharmacies into million dollar businesses.

    The same system is forcing consumers to pay inflated prices for medicines and sees a $1.10 pack of aspirin cost a patient $13.31.

    The audit has exposed a range of tactics the system provides to boost taxpayer funded incomes under the community pharmacy agreement and heavily criticised the health department’s management.

    It comes at a crucial time as the government commences negotiations with the pharmacy owners union the Pharmacy Guild on the next five year taxpayer funded agreement.

    On average Australia’s 5371 pharmacies each earn $650,000 a year from dispensing medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

    This compares to the $195,000 GPs earn on average from Medicare.

    The Pharmacy Guild says this comparison is not valid because it includes wholesaler mark-ups and because pharmacies employ an average of four pharmacists.

    A typical practice employs 6 doctors and would earn about $1.4 million from Medicare, a spokesman for the Guild said.

    And the audit report found 941 pharmacy businesses received over $1 million in remuneration. Often chemists own more than one pharmacy.

    Melbourne based Chemist Warehouse chief Damien Gance owns discount chemist shops in every state and the wider business extends to 320 pharmacies Australia wide with a turnover of around $2.7 billion.

    Terry White lives on millionaires’ row on the Gold Coast. His franchise pharmacy business includes 176 chemists nationwide and last financial year reported total revenue of $55 million.

    Mr White refused to comment however the Pharmacy Guild said mentioning Mr White was “an irrelevant and offensive ‘angle’ to your story, which reflects your openly hostile and biased approach to all stories relating to community pharmacy”.

    A check of pharmacy sales websites confirms that many pharmacies have become million-dollar businesses under the community pharmacy agreement that enshrines their monopoly-like status.

    Raven’s Pharmacy sales is offering a NSW Central Coast pharmacy for sale for $4.7 million, it has a turnover of $5.7 million a year.

    Australian Pharmacy Brokers recently sold a chemist in North Queensland that claimed to have an annual turnover of $6.9 million.

    Pharmacy Business Sales is offering a chemist for sale in inner eastern Melbourne which boasts “sales approaching $8 million” and is being sold for $8 million.

    Business analysts report typically 70 per cent of a pharmacy’s income comes from prescriptions.

    Pharmacists can become millionaires because a government Community Pharmacy Agreement gives pharmacy owners monopoly status.

    State rules say only a pharmacist can own a pharmacy and a ministerial determination in the Community Pharmacy Agreement bans supermarkets from containing chemists.

    Location rules says no chemist can open within 1.5 kilometres from an existing chemist.

    In some locations chemists are closer than this because they were established before the rule took effect.

    It is these rules that ensure new pharmacy graduates can rarely afford to open their own because chemist shops often sell for over a million dollars.

    There are more than 25,000 registered pharmacists but less than 4,000 pharmacy owners.

    “Removing these location rules would allow new pharmacies, increase competition and thereby benefit consumers,” says Melbourne University Economist Professor Philip Clarke.

    Over the last ten years the number of prescriptions dispensed has grown by an average 3.6 per cent a year but payments to chemists have risen an average 7.9 per cent a year, the Australian National Audit office found.

    For the first time the Australian National Audit office exposed tactics the system provides to boost taxpayer funded incomes.

    These include chemists claiming a $1.50 per script government incentives for substituting cheaper generic medicines when sometimes no substitution is actually made.

    The Pharmacy Guild says “pharmacists are required to claim according to strict rules and guidelines, and we reject the insinuation that the premium free dispensing incentive is being abused by pharmacists”.

    This Premium Free Dispensing Initiative was meant to cost taxpayers $620 million over five years but the cost blew out to $912 million.

    The Department of Human Services caught two chemists claiming government payments for Clinical Interventions when they sold vitamins and probiotics with prescription drugs under a $97 million program.

    Chemists were paid $42 million under a Medscheck program to check the medicines of multiple prescription users.

    However, “there is no program requirement to provide a written report of the medicine review, and the review is not required to be conducted in collaboration with the patient’s GP or other health professionals,” the audit report says.

    The Pharmacy Guild says the patient gets a report.

    The Audit office received reports of some employee pharmacists being given a KPI of a certain number of clinical interventions per 100 scripts to generate revenue.

    An SMS to a patient telling them their script was ready to pick up was counted as a “clinical intervention”.

    It also received claims that some chemists kept a patients repeat script and claimed for dispensing repeats even though the patient never came in to collect them.

    Chris Walton the chief executive of the Professional Pharmacists Australia wants the Government to postpone negotiations of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement as a result of the audit.

    Consumers Health Forum chief Adam Stankevicius says “the secretive, closed-shop deals of the past, added to pharmacy location and ownership rules have protected high profits, instead of delivering improved patient services, as promised through the pharmacy agreement,” he said.
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    Re: Little Pharma salesmen

    NIce title, Ross. Couldn't agree more.

    Big Pharma is the central whorehouse. Little Pharma franchisees are the madams. The pharmacists themselves are the sex workers. And the public at large (e.g. seniors on a drug plan for the fat part) ... are Johns who don't get enough natural sex that they are willing to pay for it.

    In short, selling drugs is much like selling sex. Both have become an integral part of an almost-globalized globalizing system of human organization ... a system that we, in our drug-induced mind-altered stupor, are willing to accept as civilization.

    All I can say is ... point me to the jungle and Jane and I'll swing myself fast on Mother Nature's rooted hairs back to tree-dwelling bliss. The old jungle is far more civil than any modern cement facsimile. anic:


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    Re: Little Pharma salesmen

    Another Country heard from...

    Meanwhile, here in the US, we have done the stupidest thing of all. T'was done in plain sight, and no one caught it.

    Harken back 3 administrations, and what was proposed became known as "HillaryCare". Much noise was made over it, and in the end it didn't pass, but it didn't die either.

    Then came the miracle that is Obama. So naturally the same proposal got renamed ObamaCare. The bastards passed it.

    If you go back and listen, in both campaigns, the "idea" was called "health care". But that was not what they talked about. They went on and on about the avg citizen not being able to afford "health coverage" !

    Coverage? It was a scam from gitgo.

    What both Hillary and Obama proposed, and what was passed was basically "guaranteed health insurance"!

    1. The Constitution gives congress no authority to pass such legislation. So the any legislation passed on a national level is unconstitutional, on its face.
    2. this country, as it now stands, financially, cannot afford it. and
    3. No one is guaranteed medical care. Just insurance (whose coverage can be changed by the gatekeepers, at will)

    So what have we actually done?
    We made the medical insurance industry a permanent part of government, with a guaranteed profit, no matter what actually gets done for the money.

    How can this possibly improve the health of anyone?

    To all;
    Please respond with a list of all the times you, or a family member, has ever been cured by an insurance salesman.

    It should also be noted that, even though ObamaCare does not get fully underway until Nov. 2015, the Insurance companies have already applied for rate increases, because, as it stands, they claim they will lose money. I rest my case.
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    Re: Little Pharma salesmen

    It goes to show that the general greed of those in a position to reap the benefits; Pharmacies (drug stores) in this case, will do so, and justify to themselves any and all "which way" of bleeding a corrupt system at the expense of the general tax-payer, or better said, "their fellow Man"

    As noted above; claiming against vitamins and pro-biotics when a customer adds those to their prescription at point of sale.

    Repeat scripts that have not been "refilled" yet claimed against.

    The moral here is that "general" folk will play the "greed and bleed" card at will, if possible.

    And we see this behaviour in nearly all enterprise, from the CEO down to the man on the shovel...

    While it's obvious to many, that big pharma, big banksters, big corporations, big anything, that provides to the masses, are the king of thieves and the morally inept, yet it's the smaller "under the radar" businesses that collectively account for a stupendous amount of "general robbery" and corrupt practices...and the link here between the BIG corps and the "under the radar" everyday business, is they all happen to be operated by Human units...

    I often forgive my ass for thinking we are nowhere near sorting out anything of the positive nature for humanity...

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    Re: Little Pharma salesmen

    On May 29, Tiger Woods, sleeping in his car, was charged with Driving under the Influence (DUI). He now states he was taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug.

    According to, “The police report also lists Vicodin, Solarex, Vioxx, and Turox as drugs that he had been prescribed…Xanax is usually prescribed to treat anxiety and depression. The American Addiction Centers warns against mixing benzodiazepines like Xanax with opiates like Vicodin, because of the high risk of addiction, overdose and impairment. Benzodiazepines ‘enhance the high from opioid painkillers,’ and the two types of drugs combined can increase sedation and depress breathing.”

    In other words, the drug combination is life-threatening.

    Where is the doctor (or doctors) who prescribed these drugs and is supposed to be monitoring Woods? No word on that.

    ***But forget, for the moment, the horrific effects of the drugs when COMBINED. Let’s just look at the SEPARATE effects of two of the drugs—Vicodin and Xanax.

    Vicodin is an opioid. As I’ve been writing recently, this class of drugs has been causing a national epidemic of death and severe debilitation. 47,000 deaths in 2014.

    The state of Ohio is presently suing five drug companies for false and deceptive marketing of opioids—between 631 and 793 million pills a year have been prescribed in Ohio. This is nothing less than the creation of untold numbers of walking zombies.

    Xanax, another drug Woods said he was taking, is a benzodiazepine. Doctor and psychiatrist, Peter Breggin, the author of Toxic Psychiatry, writes: “The brain-disabling or toxic effects of the benzodiazepines in general can be divided into several somewhat overlapping categories…Cognitive dysfunction, ranging from short-term memory impairment and confusion to delirium…extreme agitation, psychosis, paranoia, and depression, sometimes with violence toward self or others…”

    “Withdrawal [from the drug], in which the individual experiences a continuum of symptoms from anxiety and insomnia after routine use to psychosis and seizures after the abrupt termination of long-term, larger doses…Rebound, an aspect of withdrawal, in which the individual develops anxiety, insomnia, or other serious emotional reactions that are more intense than before drug treatment began. Withdrawal can take place between doses during the routine administration of benzodiazepines, especially the short-acting ones…”

    “Unlike the experienced alcohol user, the trusting benzodiazepine user has little reason to anticipate losing control. Expecting to be helped, and not harmed, by the drug, the patient is less able to understand or manage potentially overwhelming feelings of anger or violence, or other untoward emotional responses…”

    “Antianxiety benzodiazepines have been reported to release bizarre uninhibited behavior in some users with low levels of anxiety; hostility and rage may occur in others. Paranoia, depression, and suicidal ideation occasionally also accompany the use of these agents…”

    “The APA [American Psychiatric Association] task force report on benzodiazepines (1990, p. 18) presents a table of discontinuation [withdrawal] symptoms. The complete list of frequent discontinuation symptoms includes anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, agitation, irritability, muscle tension. Among many symptoms that are common but less frequent, it lists depression and nightmares, as well as lethargy. Clinical experience indicates that the combination of anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, agitation, irritability, nightmares, and depression can produce a spectrum of behavioral abnormalities, including suicide and violence…”

    Please read the entire article, and get a feel for the criminal network that is glued together with Big Money and stretches across from Big Pharma science, technology and manufacturing ... to Big Government regulators ... to Big Market peddlers ... to Big Stock speculators ... to Big Addict consumers ... to the Big Boulevard of broken dreams.


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