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Thread: The Talmud. Presented in a No-ask, No-tell, No-Fault, Soft-Glove narrative ... sanitized insanity?

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    The Talmud. Presented in a No-ask, No-tell, No-Fault, Soft-Glove narrative ... sanitized insanity?

    You be the judge.

    The first clue of brainwashing ... is the nodding of the students' heads inside the chambers of Talmud-tutoring. No doubt to discourage critical analysis. If you doubt me, try reading any page in any book while pendulating your head (and the organic masses and fluids inside it). Then after a few minutes, e.g. to allow your brain to return to a normal state, try reading the same page again but this time holding your head still. Which method allows you to understand the page better.

    Virtually guaranteed that the students that pendulate do not retain much. But it is designed that way. If they actually retained anything, they will begin to question things. Better that they receive simulated scholarship than actual scholarship, at least from the rabbi's point of view, for simulated scholarship means that the rabbi will always be revisited by his students when they have big questions to ask. Certainly, the pursued answers won't be found in any database of simulated knowledge. And this ensures that the rabbis retain control of the information given to their students. Those students who go on to become rabbis themselves will then impart their teacher's knowledgebase, because that's the information that they ever truly retain. What is written in the books will become secondary to their own teacher's interpretations. That sorta thing.

    Verdict: propaganda. IMO.

    I will provide links to the unsanitized Talmud when I have the time.


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