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Thread: Explosion on SS Maine ... and the installation of Rothschild stooge Teddy Roosevelt - Ajit Vadakayil

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    Explosion on SS Maine ... and the installation of Rothschild stooge Teddy Roosevelt - Ajit Vadakayil

    I cannot recommend his blog highly enough.

    Ajit Vadakayil's facts and analyses offer a much-needed Indian's perspective on the Jewish juggernaut that is the Rothschild bankster empire. This guy punches without apology and his discernment is impeccable. There are far too many Indians - both in India and in the diaspora abroad - that have been intrigued, indeed, charmed, by the Rothschild legerdemain ... who have then gone on to sell their brains, their hearts, their souls, for Rothschild money. It is refreshing to find an honest Indian who crosses the grain to tell it like it is. Kudos to Ajit.

    This post is dedicated to the common Yank, who has been pulled by the nostrils to China town, yet they are happily unaware.

    I used to pull the legs of my Limey friends--how they all thought they were fighting for Queen and country--but actually they were fighting for a German Jew Rothschild , who owned the British East India Company. Rothschild was the worlds first organised Opium drug runner and also the first organised Black slave runner.

    Rothschild grew Opium in India and sold it in China for enormous profits . Using this money and the gold he stole from Tipu Sultan in 1799, he set up his banking cartel which now controls this world.

    Rothschild had his own Hessian regiment, of well paid German speaking mercenaries who were used when he wanted to do deceit, on the quiet. They knew no English , but they could fight. In USA Rothschild used his Hessian soldiers on both sides, the Red coats and the Blue coats.

    OK, Yanks--time for you to learn the truth and liberate yourself. You will never ever get it from the mainstream media as it is all owned or manipulated by the agents of Rothschild. This included TV, newspaper and Hollywood. The Internet is the only true medium, yet nowadays I find cryptos employed by the banking cartel , who baffle you with bull.

    That is just the intro.

    Read the entire page and you will better understand Teddy Roosevelt's role in the Spanish-American War and the false flag attack on the SS Maine; Winston Churchill's role in the Boer War (and again in WWI) and the false flag sinking of the Lusitania; FDRoosevelt's role in WW2 and the false flag attacks on Pearl Harbor ... from those earlier attacks, you'll be able to quickly extrapolate the false flag axis to another naval attack by the Rothschild Talmudists, e.g. the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967.


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