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Thread: Keshe Foundation. Magrav Energy.

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    Keshe Foundation. Magrav Energy.

    I am doing some preliminary planning on getting one of Keshe Devises for home and vehicle.

    Its now been nearly a month since Keshe began distributing the devices. Their website hasn't disappeared, no one has died, there's been no conspiracy or cover up, no DTE or Consumer Energy employees hired to kill Keshe associates and remain on the payroll ever afterwards to suppress free energy. Mr. Kesh hasn't a laundry list of SEC or criminal indictments trailing after him. No violations of business law, no seizures, none of the antics usually associated with the suppression of free energy save for people not donating thus causing the price to be upped.

    Actually its hard to tell where this particular outlet of free energy is being suppressed at all by anyone anywhere. Any reports? I mean you'd think that sort of suppression would be made to the foundation. Or to the public.

    Wait! the Keshe Foundation is part of the Illumanati!

    Rumor has it Keshe is accepting Were bank funds so I'm getting one. Then I'm cranking the ****ing heat up to 90 in the house.

    Now if I had a Tesla Car and hooked up one of this auto energy devices I'd be all set, so I can't see where the two are at odds with each other other than Keshe's devices are decidedly less expensive than Tesla.

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