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    Android quirk

    Thought I'd do an IT post today.

    Wifely Unit and I got new Android phones, and tablets a few months back. Yup! Finally joined the 20th Century (heh!).

    Now I've never been a fan of the Chrome browser, for many reasons - Privacy ranks up at the top. And their handling of bookmarks is unbelievably clunky - a real PITA.

    Next problem is how to share bookmarks, between my computer, phone, and tablet. Yes, there are lots of online bookmark sharing sites, but I'd rather not have every government on the planet pawing through mine, trying to establish some kind of profile. So that was out.

    Then came the last straw.
    Went to some site on my tablet, and they evidently tried to drop some critter on my tablet. Pages would disappear, browser would flat out fail and close. The usual. Finally a system window opened and said Chrome had become unstable, and it wanted to clear things out. So I'm thinking they want to clear the cache, like you would on a regular desktop "kaput-er". Should you get this lil window, here's a hint:

    They did not just clear the cache! They took the browser back to square one! Without a decent warning, I lost all my settings, my cache, my bookmarks, all my stored usernames and passwords, everything!

    "If you want anything done right..."
    I don't need to put up all my bookmarks (Firefox, on my desktop, has nearly 1,100 of them), but it'd be nice to share say, the top 1-200 of them where I can get to them from anything/anywhere, and NOT have them arbitrarily deleted without warning.

    So, I set up something on my website. A database with:
    • The link
    • The text.
    • Author.
    • Date.
    • Category. and...
    • A description to remind me what is there.

    ... and web pages that let me view. add. edit, and delete entries. Almost done with it, and so far, its been real handy. The list can be sorted, or filtered by category. Not a problem now as there's only 35 entries in it, but will come in handy when there's 200+ items in the list. The thing looks like this:
    Name:  olink2.jpg
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    and when you mouse over a link, the description pops up like this:

    Name:  0links.jpg
Views: 31
Size:  21.0 KB

    If yer curious, you can go play with the listing page here. I had to secure the rest of it so only I can get to it, though.

    They're everywhere! Back when everyone was just discovering how vulnerable Windows XP was, it was determined that the avg time from when it is first put online, to it being scanned by some virus, bug, hacker, etc, is about 15 minutes.

    My site hasn't been hacked for over 5 years, so I'd kind of forgotten about it. I'm reminded.

    One of the things malicious children look for are forms on sites. Yeah, even innocuous ones, like the page to add a link to this project. Even though there is no link from my public pages, to this project - Within 48 hours of my putting up the "add a link" page to this, someone had found it, and tried to add nonsense links to it!

    Lesson learned. Now, only I can add items to it.
    And lastly...
    Chrome on Android STILL sucks!
    It's the same company. You'd think they'd get together and talk. (I must be dreaming)
    And these same people are going to foist driver-less cars on us? Ha!
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