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Thread: Coast 2 Coast Vaxxed Interview

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    Coast 2 Coast Vaxxed Interview

    Very good interview explaining the background behind the movie Vaxxed (the one that Robert De Niro pulled from his film festival).

    She interviews the producer of the movie, Andrew Wakefield and the man who had the CDC whistleblower contact him with details of how the pharmaceutical company buried the autism connection.

    In the 70s autism was about 1 in 2000 children. Now it is about 1 in 50 and on target to be 1 in 2 by about 2030.

    No-one is discussing the alarming increase and no one is investigating the cause. The movie Vaxxed is predicting catastrophe.

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    Re: Coast 2 Coast Vaxxed Interview

    I haven't seen it but autism is an interesting topic. one in two seems hysterical in my opinion.

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    Re: Coast 2 Coast Vaxxed Interview

    Damn. Wish I could get my daughter on the forum.

    My grandson is autistic.
    She has become a genius at coping with autism, and bringing him along.
    Exactly how she does it, is a bit beyond me. Observation tells me its with a lot of forceful (maybe insistent is more accurate), non-violent, confrontation (getting their attention), and love. Seems, once they trust the love, they'll risk the attention, and develop more of it.

    Professionals who see what she's accomplished are always impressed. Of course she is "untrained", like them, so they don't get curious enough to ask how. Hubris of the over-educated, and all that.

    "Life IS mystical! Its just that we're used to it." - Wolf, the movie
    "Dad, if God is everywhere then, when he's in a piece of paper, is he squished?" - My daughter, age 7

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