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Thread: 11th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "The Wagon Of Truncance"

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    11th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "The Wagon Of Truncance"

    The Wagon Of Truncance

    Born into this world with a tight elastic straw
    for sucking oxygen raw
    and a large bag containing
    individually-wrapped days
    in seemingly endless supply.

    Open each box and enjoy
    the gift within - without inquiry -
    sweet kiss-rubbed and bliss-oiled
    and jejeune-joyed baby!
    Because the prize only lasts for 24 hours
    and no Earthly power
    can stop it from shrinking into a pop
    and a final rest in the chamber of sleep.

    The endless supply of measured interval prizes
    is merely a short ride
    from astonishing abundance
    to the hospices of half-supply
    on a wagon of truncance, and then,
    to the final diminishment that we all must face
    before securing the end
    with a towrope on the eternal sailboat …

    … so spend your gifts wisely,
    newborn, greenhorn, yet to view the world with scorn,
    and observer with peepers on widely,
    even if you have to waste a few learning
    while getting rubbed the wrong way.

    Have a happy, happy day.


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    Re: 11th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "The Wagon Of Truncance"


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    Re: 11th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "The Wagon Of Truncance"

    Thank you, Zookie
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