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Thread: Live like a dog !

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    Re: Live like a dog !

    And I'm wondering where you and wifie sit? seems to me you must have another sofa out of view...

    I hope they help with the bills and do the dishes and such...bloody layabouts!

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    Re: Live like a dog !

    You can see Wife's feet in the shot. That's her spot.
    I'm usually where the black'n white one, and the big tan one are laying. But...
    I had been in the Kaput-er room, so... "Snooze ya loose" is the house rule.

    They do look well settled in, don't they?

    Panda, the B&W was my bud. He had a habit: 1st time a woman came into the house, he would walk up behind her and (gently) nip her in the tush. Either a form of greeting, or checking for firmness. Unfortunately the wife quickly squashed any ideas of my following in his footsteps.. Sigh...
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    Re: Live like a dog !

    What timing for this thread... This is Angel who joined with the angels exactly 6 years ago today. She was in her 16th year. I miss her so much.

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