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Thread: The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement - both EXPOSED as UN / NWO fronts

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    The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement - both EXPOSED as UN / NWO fronts

    Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project exposed:

    Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement exposed:

    Soros was/is a major shareholder of Petrobas which was a major financier of the Zeitgeist Movement. The Zeitgeist films are video activism in the duty of Agenda 21. The Venus Project is likewise about sustaining the power pyramid and its vision of pop. redux, then transferring the leftover humans into limited human enclaves. Of course, if either movements came out and stated their goals directly, they would be justifiably reduced to embers and ashes.

    Beware those that found system-funded movements that purport to redress the existing system that funds them. The king-archer template where the king sends the archer down into the unwashed masses to shoot arrows back at the king - thereby gaining credibility with the unwashed masses - at which point the archer becomes the most effective spy for the king ... and the pied_piper template where the flautist plays the tunes the children want to hear, and subsequently empties Hamlin of all its children as they march behind the flautist into the deep woods where a gingerbread house awaits there arrival. Two templates working their respective deceits.

    Once again, the problem is the hyperCentralization of natural (e.g. land, sea, air, space) and artificial resources (e.g. fiat currency and credit) ... and production of scale. Any solution then must observe decentralization and reduction of scale. IMO.

    Jacques Fresco and Peter Joseph would have us continue further with the intellectually bankrupt NWO agenda of more hypercentralization and more scale. Fresco and Joseph are Judas goats, good folks, as is Abby Martin and Russia Today. Just follow the money trail behind these agents and agency ... and you'll discover just how deeply infiltrated we all are.


    ps: Oops, forgot to add the third video with Abby Martin and Peter Joseph easing us into the false comfort cushion of "ZDay" collectivism. So here it is:

    ps2: Oh, if someone could just give me 10 minutes with these posturing monkeys, I'd split their game wide open and the shilling would spill out like a smashed keg of Rothschild vineyard wine.
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