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Thread: Mandela Effect and Quantum Computers

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    Mandela Effect and Quantum Computers

    There's been a lot of talk lately about the Mandela effect.

    It's called Mandela effect after Nelson Mandela and the fact that many people share the memory that Mandela was killed in prison during the 1980s. He actually died in 2013. There are plenty of examples of this effect with regards various subjects where groups of people have different memories of the details. False memories are the official explanation but that does not explain why so many people have the same false memory.

    For example I remember the tank man at Tiananmen Square being killed by the tank. Many other people do and have vivid memories of him being run over and seeing the images on TV. He wasn't run over; a friend pulled him out of the way.

    Another example is the Snow White movie where people remember the saying as "Mirror, mirror on the wall" when in fact in them movie it was actually "Magic mirror on the wall".

    There are lots of these examples online and this recent phenomenon has led to conspiracy theories about what is going on.

    In this video this man is making the link that this effect began when they began using Quantum computers. After a short introduction in the video he plays a presentation by a quantum computer scientist explaining what these computers are and how they are using them to access parallel realities and how each year their capabilities are increasing dramatically.

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    Re: Mandela Effect and Quantum Computers

    Hi Jenci,

    This is pretty interesting stuff...I viewed that presentation the other day, again very interesting. We're talking seriously big brains here.

    I actually had a 'time shift' experience a couple years ago but I'm pretty sure it was just a 'weird' perception

    There is a natural phenomena that we can call 'drift'. It follows a mathematical pattern over time, a good example of that would be genetic drift which are natural mutations that occur in the human genome on a completely predictable schedule. Radioactive decay and bacterial growth follow a logarithmic curve that is virtually identical and I've always puzzled that. This can swerve into some obscure stuff but theoretically some problems of nature are considered mathematically solvable and others not so and some mathematicians spend their careers trying to determine which is which. The Holy Grail of Mathematicians is to find 'why' this is so and it wouldn't surprise me that this is a realm of study for 'quantum computing'.

    Another prominent example would be the Judaic Torah. The principle requirement for biblical transcribers through history is to faithfully transcribe one version to the next to 'control' the drift of the text and thereby preserve not only the textual character but the contextual meaning. This also has been mathematically calculated.

    All that notwithstanding, I think that the Mandela Effect is the result of the passage of time and natural drift of historically recorded text. Akin to communicated stories changing just a little with each telling. I see it all the time and it is not that surprising at all.

    Here's a good example, albeit perhaps a bit silly. Thomas the Tank Engine was once a girl. Yup, that's a true story.

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