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Thread: President Trump Watch

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    Re: President Trump Watch

    Granted, superior bully type complexes such as Trumps certainly don't aid in the general sense of things. That Human indifference mixed with a nation full of immigrants lends itself to red-neck type mentality and white Man superiority. We see the same thing in Australia. Seems to be the way with indifference in colonial immigrant filled countries compared to those that are not.

    While it's there in the UK, (white Man superior complex) albeit not a conquered colony like we see with the US and Commonwealth countries, it seems to fly under the radar a little more. That country, per capita, has more mixed races than anywhere in the western world and for all I've written above, The UK are a standout inasfar as making a tough mix of Humans complexities work, in a general sense.

    Bottom line is though, Humans are dangerous dodgy Mother F***kers wherever you be fair.
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    Re: President Trump Watch

    lol...true enough. You make a good point about the UK...Perhaps much of Europe really.

    What's interesting is that for example, in France...racism has a strong undercurrent of classism. Classism is more dominant than racism within the mix. The U.S., for one, is unique regarding its Civil War and despite what Southern rednecks love to claim its enduring legacy of racism.

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