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Thread: California Fires

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    Re: California Fires

    Will do Ross xoxo

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    Re: California Fires

    well, 33,000 acres (that's 51 sq. miles) later, they've finally got it "8% controlled. In other words, it ain't.

    Temps here have been @ 100F with 3% humidity, and winds gusting up to 30 mph. The evacuation area reached up to the West side of the street that borders our property (we're on the east side). So, we were next.

    That pic in post #1 was taken standing on my back porch. The fire reached to within 1 miles of the house.

    A total of 83,000 people were under evac. orders. Some have been cleared to return home, if they still have one.

    To Ross;
    Hell yes they're fast moving. A lot of the country where they're fighting this is "vertical real estate". Steep narrow canyons. I watched them time the fire on a steep hill in SoCal, one day. Approx a 100 yds in length. From bottom to top the fire engulfed it in 6-8 seconds. Means if you're caught on it - Unless you can run a 100 yd(91 meter) dash, uphill, on broken ground, in under 6 seconds - you're dead.

    The brush in the SoCal hills is treacherous stuff. In extreme heat it excretes a form of creosote. Means the stuff covers itself in a flammable oil. Poof!

    Explains why these fire fighters are so damned cautious about they're surroundings.

    Until this morning, Interstate 15 has been closed to all traffic thru this area. This is the main route from LA, to Vegas. The mtns in the background of the pic are a range where most of the peaks are around 7,000 ft. Some as high as 10,000.

    Now, if you were to fly directly over them, you'd arrive at my wife's work, some 18 miles from here. With the 15 closed, she's had to "Drive around" them by going west for about 50 miles, south for about 20, then east back along the other side for 50. Last 3 days, poor girl has been leaving here 5 - 5:30, and getting there around 10! Then the same trip back home. Why not just stay home? LoL!

    Tue. & Wed. she had to do the company payroll. I think her boss owes her big time, meself. Meanwhile, where was he? Well, he is floating down the Danube, in Germany, on a Viking River Cruise! (Some folk just have the luck, huh?)

    Meanwhile, I've been sitting here, Kaputer, Safe, family pictures, some clothes, etc sitting by the door, watching the news, and looking out my back door... a lot.

    Anyway, me'n mine are all safe. Thanks for all the good wishes, all.
    "Life IS mystical! Its just that we're used to it." - Wolf, the movie
    "Dad, if God is everywhere then, when he's in a piece of paper, is he squished?" - My daughter, age 7

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    Re: California Fires

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredkc View Post
    Means if you're caught on it - Unless you can run a 100 yd(91 meter) dash, uphill, on broken ground, in under 6 seconds - you're dead.
    damn, that's wild.... Glad everything is ok Mr. Fred

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    Re: California Fires

    Good to hear ya still at home Fred, albeit, tentatively...

    As you describe, ya'll still gotta keep vigilant and ready to bolt if necessary. Glad you all good mate

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