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Thread: Iran's cryptoJewish leaders ... three links to get us started

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    Iran's cryptoJewish leaders ... three links to get us started

    From the beginning of the Islamic revolution, key positions such as the
    judiciary were handed over to Mullahs who had no experience in running
    the country. Commanders of the military, engineers and doctors who
    opposed the regime were hanged because they were "enemies of Allah".

    The Islamic revolution of Iran had nothing to do with Islam. Just like
    any other revolution of recent history ,it was basically aimed at
    handing power to a few individuals. In the case of Iran's 1979
    revolution, the state was handed over to the Khomeini cult, a Muslim
    Brotherhood group which has direct links with foreign intelligence

    One must not be so na´ve as to believe Iran is an opposition
    against the new world order. We have TV shows made every year and fed
    to the public on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution showing the
    public that before that revolution Freemasons ran the show. It's very difficult for me to believe the notion that the British who fought Mussadeq so vigorously would suddenly give up Iranian oil and let the Mullahs take over the country's oil resources.

    The true story is that the British instigated the Islamic revolution
    of Khomeini. The objective was to control Iran's energy by weakening
    it (reduce the Iranians to hunger) and to destroy Iran's religious and family oriented society.

    Many of our grand Ayatollahs are also Freemasons, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and I have reliable sources that tell me they have trips to London
    every few month to get their orders. One of the powerful figures of
    the cult regime of Iran is Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. He is the leader of
    a very powerful cult called the Haqqani School. Members include
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a top student of Mesbah), commanders of the
    revolutionary guards, the Basij militia, lawyers, judges and the heads
    of major news prints.

    We have evidence that the same group was behind
    last year's election fraud and also the harsh crisis management which
    came after the election that resulted to many deaths, arrests and many
    newspaper outlets being shut down. - See more at:

    The entire article below is illuminating:

    The video below adds to the preponderance of Iran being a freemasonry state as deeply embedded as any other, including the US:

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