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Thread: 13th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "A Thirsty Beer Bottle"

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    13th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "A Thirsty Beer Bottle"

    A Thirsty Beer Bottle

    There comes a point when you stop trying
    because the world isn't holding the shine
    no matter how much you polish it;
    the anguish and homemade brine
    is all that's left behind
    of the effort and the dream
    but even that disappears after a while
    as it flows away in competing streams
    down damp cheeks
    as a crazy man with eyes that stare completely
    at nothing
    emerges with a damaged smile.

    There's the sound of purple leaves
    sweeping October air up the pungent banks
    of the lake reservoir
    (guarded to the edge by half-undressed red maples);
    once clean, now spoiled by unnatural debris
    deposited over years by haste and greed.
    Can you hear the water whispering
    in the gaps of space and time
    created by squirrel scampers and sparrow whistles,
    as you kneel to offer a thirsty beer bottle
    a cold autumn drink
    and then slowly watch it sink
    as it gains opacity?

    Don't know what a human weasel is
    but, girl, you got all the qualities,
    removing things from bedroom boxes
    after cracking the locks
    when all you had to do
    was ask me for a key.
    Then making faces nonchalantly
    like a cat that acts matter-of-factly,
    as if it ain't ever seen a yellow feather
    nor e'er been near an empty cage
    muffled by the missing chirps
    of an absquatulated canary.


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    Re: 13th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "A Thirsty Beer Bottle"

    The usual greatness Zook...

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