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    Interesting Article.

    Theory claims deadly ‘hypercanes’ could lay waste to humanity — and they may have been what killed the dinosaurs.

    SCIENTISTS have warned that killer hurricanes may have been responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs — and there are fears that they could kill humans off next.

    Devastating ‘hypercanes’ are believed to be far more powerful than regular hurricanes, reports The Sun, whipping up terrifying winds with the potential to eradicate an entire species.

    According to a new theory about the mysterious storms, hypercanes form over superheated seas, like the oceans on Earth would be after a major asteroid impact.

    The chilling theory claims the storms may have accompanied the final days of the dinosaurs, which were believed to have been annihilated by such an asteroid strike.

    And if a hypercane were to form today, it could have the devastating effect of destroying the ozone layer, exposing us to the sun’s deadly radiation as a result.

    The ozone layer is a naturally-occurring build-up of gas in the atmosphere which protects all life on Earth from being exposed to too much solar radiation.

    And Massachusetts Institute of Technology lecturer Dr Kerry Emanuel, who worked on the apocalyptic theory, claims that hypercanes could eradicate this vital defensive barrier.

    The scientist, who came up with the theory to explain the demise of the dinosaurs, told Daily Star Online that the swirling storms could stretch up to 25km tall, and whip up winds nearly as fast as the speed of sound.

    Experts have long believed that an asteroid impact in Chicxulub, Mexico, wiped out the dinosaurs in a mass extinction event 66 million years ago.

    But theorists have struggled to explain how one impact could wipe out every dinosaur on Earth… which is where the hypercane theory comes in.

    Dr Emanuel, the man behind the theory, believes that the asteroid impact heated the planet’s oceans, which in turn allowed deadly storms to form.

    These storms could have created chemical reactions in our atmosphere which were capable of wiping out the ozone layer, robbing dinosaurs of their protective shield against deadly solar radiation.

    Dr Emanuel said that the supersonic winds created by hypercanes would “not be a force anyone could withstand,” before admitting that his theory was “fanciful but not implausible.”
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