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Thread: Christ - The king of Israel.

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    Christ - The king of Israel.

    There are many references that allude to David as the king of Israel.

    Yet, wouldn't it be more accurate to say that David was the king of the Israelites, with the kingdom of Israel having no official border? Kingdoms being what they were back in the days of exchanging goats and daughters ... were not defined so much by the land as the people that occupied the land. And when the people moved, the kingdom itself moved. That sorta thing.

    Here's one viewpoint:

    That said, I was practicing "The First Noel" for the upcoming Christmas cycle, and I came across the line "Born is the King of Israel." A reference to Christ, not David.

    So, if Christ is the King of Israel, then Israel can only exist for the Christian people. But if David is the King of Israel, then Israel can only exist for David's people, the Israelites, the people of the land of Judah and Samaria that viewed David as their king. Fair enough.

    So does either kingdom survive to this day? The short answer is yes.

    Christ's kingdom has enjoyed an ongoing existence for two millennia.

    By contrast, David's kingdom lasted until it was defeated in 931 BCE, when his son, Solomon, was vanquished. End of the House of David.

    So the claim of the House of David to the kingdom of Israel only has merit if during the intervening years of 931 BCE to the birth of Christ (and the start of the CE) ... if during this period the House of David had been re-instituted. Otherwise, it becomes a question of who first decided to re-institute a new kingdom using the name of Israel. And it does not matter what form this new kingdom presents itself with, for it is now the new form. The House of David lost its claim to the name of Israel almost a millennium before the Christians found inspiration in and found it in the birth of Christ. So Israel, in spirit, rightfully belongs to Christians. Israel, in territory, belongs to no one, having been vanquished from the face of the planet in 931 BCE.

    And that, my friends, is another strong argument against the existence of the current impostor state of Israel. The Rothschild Zionist attempt to bring back a long dead territorial kingdom (House of David); equally, to obstruct a living spiritual kingdom (Christianity) ... has as much merit in it as any attempt to bring back the Roman Empire would have in it.

    To wit, if Israel still exists today, it only exists as a spiritual concept. You can't sow a spiritual concept and reap a territory. Territories were long won by military campaigns. That said, such campaigns are considered part of a retrogressive meme and mindset (in 2016) even though, paradoxically, they are still being ventured in stealth mode. As long as this stealth mode exists, we might as well turn back the clock and set the hen house cocks a-cockadoodle-ling over morning suns and hens cackling over midafternoon exchanges of goats and daughters.

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    Re: Christ - The king of Israel.

    You know something Zook, i think I've entered into a permanent bad mood...I'm almost ready to agree with you.

    After watching a few zionist Torah coders proclaim Obama as evil and even the Antichrist when we all know it is Trump, I'm ready to jump on board. They are entering my groups of 'festering evil'. So the right is still doing its thing in concert with the Zionists. I've had enough.

    I have a Trump supporter in my office that even after Trump's victory is still whispering that the liberals have to die. Which has always been my point, nothing will satisfy and nothing is sufficient to unpucker those assholes.

    Incidentally, The First Noel is one of the songs I remember fondly from my days in my school's choir...

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