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Thread: Many World Orders (MWOs) versus One World Order (OWO)

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    Many World Orders (MWOs) versus One World Order (OWO)

    Thesis: the problems of this world are rooted in humanity's disrespect for scale.

    Things work when in proper scale. They fail when pushed out of scale.

    Nature contains many examples that demonstrate the importance of scale.

    A rabbit is quick because it is small. Were it any bigger it would lose speed. Speed is one of the rabbit's main survival mechanisms. A herbivore with unimpressive teeth and even less impressive jaws, it must forage for food. It is not known as a hunter or a chaser, but the hunted and the chased.

    A horse can gallop hard and cover large territories due to its mid-range size. Were it much smaller it would face the same problems as the rabbit. Were it much bigger, say, the size of an elephant, it wouldn't need to run away. It would simply stay put and let the action come to it, not having to fear animals of smaller size all that much. An elephant can cover large territories like the horse but moves at a sloth's pace. Bigger size, slower motion. A sloth is incredibly slow. It lives on a tall tree. Tall trees don't move. And most predators don't climb tall trees. So there is very little reason for sloths to move all that much. Were the tall tree much shorter, predators can pose a potential threat. The sloth is ill-equipped to run away from predators. So it cannot afford to perch on short trees.


    There is a proper scale for everything. In scale, we find balance. We find equilibrium. Dynamic and static equilibria both respect scale. Disrespect for scale is an action against Nature's design of things.

    To the specific point of my thesis: government. Any government out of scale is out of balance. Out of equilibrium.

    So what is the proper scale for government?

    A quick study of the historical record shows that governments (of any type) begin failing when they expand beyond a certain size. They become bloated, bureaucratic, numerical and inhumane, inefficient, wasteful, less connected with the people, totalitarian, etc.

    And if we're seeing all these negative aspects of government in the scale we are in today, that only means we crossed threshold scale some time ago. Getting back to threshold then necessarily implies that we must turn the worm away from its targeted scale (e.g OWO) and head back towards a smaller viable threshold scale. This viable threshold scale can only be regained if we abandon the vector pointing at the problematic scale of the OWO ... and focus our energies, instead, on resurrecting the many dead world orders (e.g. MWOs ) that once were thriving nations before they were co-opted by the sinister ambitions of a secretive self-interested cabal.

    To wit, the solution is as simple as respecting scale.


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