I see it now! And Steve Bannon, a complete unknown to me prior to his ascendancy to the pinnacle of American government is the architect.

Long have the arguments regarding Communism, Nazism, Maoism, Military Juntas, autocracy, plutocracy gone the rounds with those on the right saying look at those socialist bastards and those on the left saying look at those fascists c*cks*ckers. My contention has always been that what the right has called socialism is nothing more than a facade covering the true allegiance...Totalitarian control. That's the bottom line.

And at long last perhaps it has dawned on me what those that continuously claim "right or left, it doesn't matter, they are all the same" mean by those words. I have a sneaking suspicion, however that I am applying a context that doesn't really exist.

The new American government has only one master...totalitarian control. This is why Trump has baffled most people that try to pin him down to a sane standard of right or left. Neither fit much as Hitler defies categorization to this day, power, control, self-enrichment are the only things that matter to this Administration. People are secondary, if any consideration at all.

Those, such as Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are freaks and they are very very dangerous. They are in the same class as Dick Cheney without Cheney's allegiance to the historical right. And I consider Dick Cheney a mad dog...these guys are closer to Stalin and Putin. Which by manifest association explains the love relationship with Putin.

I kept reassuring my daughter that Trump could not happen in the United States...He did!