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Thread: Media Liberal Bias - let me 'splain that!

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    Media Liberal Bias - let me 'splain that!

    The conspiracy before everyone's eyes but no one sees is the conspiracy (and the root of all conspiracies) perpetrated by the world community of conservative authoritarians. So how does it happen and how does it continue? One of the lynch pins enabling the 'alternative' misdirection is the mantra of "MSM has a liberal bias that even they don't recognize!"

    Well kinda...Here's an analogy:

    Many people believe that 2 + 2 = 4, many others don't necessarily trust that fundamental 'fact' of nature. Fact is, I might count myself among those that are not convinced. However, in a practical day-to-day reality even I do not question the fundamental theorem and if asked to prove it, I would likely quote one of my fellow math students of yore: "What the f*ck for?! Isn't it obvious enough!" I should add that I think he was miffed because he didn't know where to start, but that's not the point.

    MSM liberal bias is much like that, I think a more proper appellation would be "MSM reality bias". Reality is what it is and ain't nothing else!

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