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Thread: Psychological Enmeshment

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    Psychological Enmeshment


    I'm back after a short stay at Topic of Topics forum. It seemed like a nice place until I posted. I've never experienced such a restrictive environment in terms of free thought, emotional expression, or psychological self hood. It began to get weird quickly and it is something very difficult to pin down. Mr. 88 is the chief purveyor "of what tha' f*ck!". Interesting, really, though somewhat unsettling for someone like me. If I can't be myself, I usually beat a hasty retreat. I got booted before I even had a chance to subject myself to the usual level of psycho-torture.

    I was reading a thread there earlier today with Fred S as the prime target. I began to get a level of clarity in reading. It was all very amicable until Fred directed a post at Eagle and then it started getting strange fast. Mr. 88 flashed out of nowhere and started to become hostile towards Fred. Now Mr. 88 can be quite articulate until Eagle becomes part of the Triad dynamic. 88 seems to go off the rails where she is concerned. He started to post things that were indistinct, nebulous in psycho-emotional content and just plain, 'what tha' f*ck!", in a where did that come from kind of way.

    I have a couple of thoughts, that I will call a theory, or in my own colloquial speech, an intuition...

    Mr 88 IS Eagle or he/she is way beyond a healthy level psychologically enmeshed with Ms. Eagle.


    I'm watching the news as I write this. The Freedom Caucus is preaching about freedom. They need to get past their infancy anal stage. They are useless and the psychological paradigm that they live in is holding the world back.
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