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Thread: Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) and Anand Mahindra <---- two industrial tentacles of the Zion octopus.

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    Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) and Anand Mahindra <---- two industrial tentacles of the Zion octopus.

    When I read that article, it made me nauseous, altho' being as jaded with reality as I am, I probably should be immune to nausea.

    Let's make it pretty clear. Elon Musk is a Zionist business wunderkind just like every other Zionist wunderkind out there making the rounds of the teenage 21st century: Sergei Brylin of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon, Roman Abramovitch, etc. etc. Vlodymir Groysman etc. etc. (That is, if one can really be wunderkind given that none of these uber-promoted young entrepreneurs really has no identifiable outstanding quality besides having intimate connections to the fiat-generated bankster class.)

    I found Groysman by typing in "Jewish wunderkind" in google:

    We know that Elon Musk is a fraud because Nikolai Tesla offered a gateway to free energy (extracted by manipulating the electromagnetic field, e.g. the ether), whereas Tesla Motors is not into that, but into electrodynamic energy using traditional technology and conventional physics. That Elon Musk uses the name "Tesla" is actually a subtle attempt to co-opt real Tesla-derived technology from filling the impending void, which will be created due to the high cost and finite availability of fossil fuels.

    Free energy is the one rational solution to the Earth's energy demands. But free energy available to the bottom of the pyramid is essentially kryptonite against the supermen perched atop the power pyramid. Enter the sayanistic snakes of Zion (Elon Musk and the supporting ilk) to appropriate Tesla’s good name in the duty of the power pyramid ... which is to not allow the discussion of the energy question below the capstone of the Zionist pyramid ... consequently, to not allow free energy ventures from establishing. Elon Musk accomplishes this prohibition by placating the clean energy demands of the masses with false free energy. Not really free energy being falsified but the appearance of some kind of revolutionary energy associated with the name of the father of free energy, is a virtual falsification of free energy. In short, a false flag representation of Tesla's discoveries.

    As we have seen with other implementations of the false flag method, the masses can be controlled by white knights rushing in to defend any falsely attacked territory, including the territory of energy.

    Which brings me to India and Mahindra. Mahindra is just another run-of-mill sociopathic industrialist skunk willing to submit to the Zionist occupation of India.
    In fact, all billionaire industrialists - not just in India, but across the planet - are beholding to the Rothschild system of central banking and its extensions and withdrawals of credit (to minions and independents, respectively).

    If any of you good folk can find an apparent independent billionaire out there (in any country) then please bring them to my attention ... I'd love to find the big bankster connection (kinda like a mystery puzzle to solve). Been solving chess puzzles at to keep me neurons happy, wouldn't mind a different flavor of ice cream now and then.

    That said, someone should task Mahindra by inquiring about the prospect of free energy in India. There are Indian researchers (e.g. Tewari) working on that very prospect, as we speak. Why is Mahindra not supporting free energy research for his 2030 project? Rhetorical question, of course. NonZionist minions are just as nervous answering that question as the tribal minions.

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    Re: Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) and Anand Mahindra <---- two industrial tentacles of the Zion octopus.

    I listened to Mark Weber versus Mike Shermer, yesterday. I almost swallowed my tongue when I heard the arguments of the Hitler Revisionists. Shermer a consummate Skeptic made logical arguments without hard details to support his assertions. He was in hostile territory but he looked weak against the revisionists. He did make the point that no one wanted to take the revisionists seriously because they have become associated with an agenda, of course, I completely agreed. What is curious is that a lady named Yeager, a staunch revisionist despises Weber, whom apparently is willing to now concede that the holocaust at its very least is a blight on human history. However, I think there is a general consensus from all sides that the cited numbers of 6 million are rather dubious. Ok, that's interesting and worth pursuing in a true scholarly fashion.

    This is the one book that I found that might provide the necessary background but I wasn't willing to spend up to $700 to acquire it:
    "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–-1945. Volume 1"

    - Geoffrey Megargee -

    Gameknot. Our erstwhile team Captain has apparently flown the coop and his co-founder is in the process of trying to merge with a small team. He has asked to inquire to any potential interest.


    p.s. Anybody know anything about this guy: N.R. Narayana Murthy

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