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    Picture a fruit bowl with a variety of fruit. Picture a blender next to it. Picture a smoothie in a glass beside that.

    Note that the smoothie requires the blender. The blender requires the fruit. The fruit only requires the good Earth.

    So, if you had to choose one, which would you choose to own ...the smoothie shop? The kitchen appliance shop? Or the fruit orchard?

    ... and that's the way it is with race.

    Without racial identities (e.g. fruits), you can't have racial homogenization (e.g. smoothies) ... and there would be no market for racial homogenizers (e.g. blenders).

    Ergo, racial identities are sacrosanct to the well-being of the human condition. You lose the racial identities, and you basically lose everything else.

    That's racism in the good sense; the only acceptable sense, IMO. Will discuss more as the topic develops.

    Teaser: DEHOMOGENIZATION <-------- there are natural and artificial ways to achieve this; and yes, the natural ways are the ones we should pursue short of a brave new world transmogrification.


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