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Thread: 14th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "An Ode To Fool's Ambition"

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    14th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "An Ode To Fool's Ambition"

    Ode To Foolís Ambition

    Once creating symphony
    with the wind, the leaves and the reeds
    ... carving boundary
    with bending curves lined with birch and robinsí mirth,
    Iím a raging river resting
    upon cracked platters of sun-baked silt,
    watching snails in the morning dew
    drag my long bygone through the noon
    into a space beneath the midnight moon,
    to claim the race bequeathed by the rabbit snoring
    deep inside the silver spoon
    idled in the antechamber of the adage room;
    yet another win
    for those in kin with diligent terms:
    slugs and centipedes,
    the latter merely snobbish worms
    fixing rumps and uncurling on follicled stilts;
    the banks turned to silhouettes of trees and mocking loons.

    Iíve become a barren piece of almost sand
    set aside for painterís inks;
    my brother, the lonely arbor standing fierce
    on the plains of wintered Minsk;
    a seed wandered greatly from its tried botanic troupe
    to plant itself asunder and decidedly aloof;
    then delivered to a tasselled dance
    by the licks of a lashing blizzard
    (embedded with howler monkeys and french horns)
    blowing in and blasting through.

    At present, a part of the Earth immortalised
    by crepuscular shadows and doubts
    and trackless trains of tumbleweeds bouncing,
    spinning, rolling, halting, flouncing,
    in the decadent expanses of drought; by tomorrow,
    a step closer to the cusp between the crop motifs
    and wasteland ghosts.

    Once teeming with possibility, a sculptor of stone,
    now brimming with lost opportunity
    and scattered skulls and bones.
    Having dared more than my share of proximity
    in hugging the Sun,
    not unlike Icarus, the young,
    in a legendary want of intimacy, ending with none;
    some time afore my own startings as a stream
    with ambition to drink it all
    as it came pouring down from Heavenís fountains and waterfalls;
    alas, to run into a more oppressive thirst above the gall
    (my own apocryphal belief of entitlement)
    lurking in the recesses of disproportionate dream
    and jeered
    by the parched interval to the nearest cloudburst.


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    Re: 14th Poem Of The Zookopolis: "An Ode To Fool's Ambition"

    Nice Zook...

    I understood and liked the last half...I need to read it a couple of times before all of it will be clear...but I have faith in your poetry...I'm sure the meaning is there to be discovered.


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