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Thread: Google is secretly recording you...and you can check to see.

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    Google is secretly recording you...and you can check to see.

    Google is secretly recording you through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations including all web browser searches, but there's a way to have a look see and delete that info.

    Google says it save's info for technical purposes and improved services and does not 'directly' let govt agencies have other words you have nothing to worry about...yeah right.

    If you use an Apple ph including 'siri the assistant helper', it's impossible to gain access to these recordings and web searches, but if you use an android it's there to find but most don't know where to look.

    Androids have a 'siri' type assistant and it's activated by saying "ok google" the ph starts recording, usually around 20-30 seconds worth but some say it can activate simply by saying "ok" during a normal ph conversation without your knowledge. They say it's a glitch...

    You can check and delete all saved info that google has due to their "you have total control over what we keep on you" policy and say they are totally transparent. However, I for one don't trust any of it and certainly once I've deleted my info do I really believe there is now zero trace? no I don't but delete I do anyway...

    Ok, so you have to be signed into either gmail or a google account. Then type into your address bar: this will take you to ""

    You will see this page below

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    in the screenshot follow the blue bar to the right where there are 4 icons. Click the 3 vertical dots icon with the arrow. This will take you to your activity where you can delete all info. Of course every time you browse you need to delete.

    Anytime you use google as a search engine regardless of browser you use this info is stored.
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