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Thread: 31% of mass shootings...

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    Re: 31% of mass shootings...

    17 dead, another deranged shooter in a US school.

    Nowhere else in the 1st world do we see this level of deliberate mass slaughter.

    And we still have numbnuts ideologists stating that guns in the US are not the's the people who use them.

    Well, sure...but these numbnuts seem to forget that guns are designed for people to use. All the guns used in school massacres are designed to kill other Human beings, not designed for the purpose of hunting.

    Over 300 million guns in the US is beyond ridiculous, and beyond any possible rational argument to justify these numbers.

    These mass shootings in the USA have zero parallels anywhere else...

    I'd love to see some of these ideologists, including some who've posted here in defense of the gun numbers in the US argue in favour of guns after their kids been some idiot who could easily obtain a high powered automatic rifle, ammunition and smoke grenades.

    Here's an example from a member here... an absolute numbnuts of an attitude.

    We recognize the justice of one person being right over the many when that one person is legally and morally justified. All other countries descent into mob-rule as you have demonstrated. That is our strength and why we have had the role of leading the rest of the world.
    Umm..say what...

    This is written by a god fearing born again christian who believes satan is real and is the reason for the insanity of the world. He also happens to be a US citizen trying to justify and protect his 2nd amendment...passed by Congress September 25, 1789 and ratified December 15, 1791...

    Hello...1791? it's now 2018...

    His statement of

    why we have had the role of leading the rest of the world.
    is a typical grandiose righteous statement based only in illusion.

    The US at one point in history, while shrouded in deception and underhanded tactics, were a country to look up too, (albeit an illusion) At face value it did appear to be an operating democracy, an example of the free world, the land of opportunity, an economic capitalists playground...

    However, all it's done is make the general population believe they're the ducks nuts...when for a very long time, the examples lead by the US have been nothing more than deceptive scam type resource control mechanisms coupled with sociopathic bullying tactics selling to the world that you're decent civilized Human beings...

    Wake the ****'re as fcuked up and deranged as any other group of peoples but even more dangerous due to the grandiose mentality displayed...example, gun control or lack thereof...

    The US has lost all credibility and respect and are now generally looked at as a bunch of foolhardy idiots and to make things worse, you've got the worse kind of Human being representing your country. An embarrassment of mammoth proportions.

    Now, all above is a general statement and certainly not indicative of all US citizens; some are damn fine folk. The attitude quoted member above wrote is sadly shared by...10's of millions other US citizens.

    Lastly...Wednesday's shooting in Florida was at least the sixth of its kind in the United States this year — 45 days into 2018.
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