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    The Flat Earth "so-called" theory ...

    ... is a load of tosh, IMO.

    A lot of disinfo agents are out there trying to spin the brains of the good peoples of the good planet Earth. The following video clip is just one example of the minions working for the Zionist elitist bankster agenda:

    But why are they messing with something so obvious as a spherical Earth?

    Well, first, let's establish an unassailable geometric fact of the Earth: it iis round and spinning. Look at Jupiter with your own telescopes. Does the Red Spot stay in the same place? No. It moves. More the further it returns to the same place every 9 hours and 56 minutes, the length of a Jovian day. The only way this is possible (at least in the known Universe) is that Jupiter rotates about an axis. But if Jupiter rotates about an axis, and your telescope should reveal other planets rotating about their own respective axes as well (with variation in the respective day lengths); then why would the good Earth be an exception to the rule and not rotate about an axis?

    Indeed, rotation about an axis, pick an axis any axis ... is anathema to the Flat Earth hypotheses.

    There are other, far deeper interpretations of John Lennon's masterpiece "Watching The Wheels". The Flat Earth quasi-hypothesis is not one of them. Enjoy the song and the sheer beauty of Lennon's creative mind.

    That said, there's an interesting observation to be had: the same crowds behind the The Flat Earth idiocy have also descended on the Moon landing hoax reality ... and are supporting the latter in kind. My best guess is that they are trying to disrepute the Moon landing hoax exposition by associating it with Flat Earth believers. These believers are a mishmash of idiots, the unsuspecting, and the willful agents of the Zionist brand. It's not a small coincidence that this lot with epsilonic affection for the truths all promote the weakest and/or nonexistent science for the Flat Earth quasi-hypothesis and, too, the weakest arguments against the Moon landings.

    Real science, of course, supports both a round-spinning Earth and a Moon that has never been visited by humans.

    While imagination is a beautiful thing in and of itself, beware those that substitute imagination (and/or agenda) for science ... and then claim the result as science.

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