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Thread: The Flat Earth "so-called" theory ...

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    Re: The Flat Earth "so-called" theory ...

    Understanding the banking reality, zionist agenda and it's history, is no great feat to be fair to those that research. Most of it is all on public record.

    Icke can be given credit for highlighting this reality, but that credit is well spent and the Man is in enormous debt due to the other areas of information he sell's to the gullible...(absolute nonsense with ZERO evidence to support his claims.) Remember that this muppet travels the globe selling out seats to idiots who are willing to hand over cash to listen to this one Man's circus show. He's published 20 odd books and DVD's...the Man's a money making scam artists. Period.

    At his shows, once he gets the banking reality out of the way, he attempts to tie that all together in a nice little package.

    That package holds the contents of the actual reality, according to him. Reptilians are at the heart of it all, an ancient alien race that arrived via the spaceship we call the Moon. This is what he calls the Moon matrix reality. And we're all getting bombarded by its signalling mind altering hypnosis via transmissions.

    According to Icke, all the players he calls the elites, who are in all levels of the power pyramid are running the world, and who are all hybrid reptilian Humans, aided by what you could call 'Familiars'...similar to the Vampire with consenting Human help, and under them are the 'out of the loop' minions...Now, add that to his self diagnosed 'Son of the Godhead' one can grasp a reasonable account for his behaviour. So, he's either a 'functioning' insane person who manages to convince others to hand over cash. Or he's a deliberate scam artists backed by handlers polluting the airwaves with bollocks so outrageous and with zero evidence, that it illustrates the ease at which people can be suckered and confused.

    I'm of the mind he's both a functioning insane and a deliberate scam artists possibly backed by handlers...

    Anyone with half a brain can connect the banking world simply by studying historic public accounts and what's on current public records. So, that makes Icke nothing special...just another Bill Ryan type with bigger balls who's been at it longer.
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    Re: The Flat Earth "so-called" theory ...

    Yup. David Icke is definitely trying to pollute the truths.

    He's just one instance of the general class of truths polluters.

    The overall class itself has been with us since the dawn of human time. Over the course of human evolution, it has housed congenital liars; spot liars; propagandists; sole residents of cracked coconuts and collective residents of imaginariums; rumor mongers and millers and millers' daughters cum old wives with tales to tell; gossip studs and whores; etc. etc.

    Still, human evolution has been largely protected by scale. Liars clubs usually didn't amount to greater communities than small and big neighborhoods, local pubs, towns, townships, and on the rare occasion, small cities. Small scale communities are not conducive to polluting large scale truths.

    What's new in the fledgling 21st century is the exponential rise in scale. Something in Osaka, Japan is now newsworthy in Oklahoma, USA. The glue that once bound local pubs and small towns has gone industrial. It now glues the entire planet. A truth of even modest import in Tokyo prefecture is almost as relevant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The globalists have arranged it this way. By feeding scale, and in earnest for the past half-century, the globalists have swallowed up the protective gaps that once separated plagues in one locality from jumping the gap and infecting another locality. That sorta thing.

    Local truths great and small have now become global truths great and small.

    Local truth pollution has become global truth pollution.

    The feeding of scale is by design. The globalizing of truths is by design. We shouldn't then expect the spread of truth pollution to not be by design. Within this expectation, the Zionist agenda has found the perfect mechanism to spread truth pollution: the king-archer template aka Judas Goat complex.

    David Icke is a Judas Goat complex. He was born with the ability to both lead and mislead. I seriously doubt he had to learn it. Alex Jones is another. On a much smaller scale, the epsilon scale, Chico of la Mancha, is yet another.

    The Judas Goat complex is not so simple to understand because at its core, there are flowing rivers of compassion. Icke, Jones, and Chico all exhibit a steady flow of compassion. And that's what makes them attractive to their audience. So, what separates them from genuinely compassionate people?

    Ans: compassion is a reservoir, not a river.

    Genuine compassion is still water. The more it moves, the less it stays. Beware the raging waters of compassion! IMO.

    Getting back to the bigger boys: Tellinger, Molyneux, Hoagland, Bill Ryan, David Wilcock, Michio Kaku, David Suzuki, deGrasse Tyson ... etc. ... Zachariah Stitchin .... ... you'll note that with few exceptions, they are all gifted in the art of elocution. They can all stand at the podium with a sense of righteousness even as they are fabricating truths out of thin air. Their own subjective truths in some cases, but in most cases witting falsehoods.

    How common is the Judas Goat complex? Who really knows. It is just common enough to create great uncertainty in the masses as regards the truths, great and small ... and that benefits the Zionist Agenda as it ventures to full spectrum dominance of the good planet Earth.


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