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Thread: Bitcoin...A suckers paradise.

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    Re: Bitcoin...A suckers paradise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zook_e_Pi View Post
    case of cui plagalis than a case of cui bono.
    Probably a case of equal measure...if the usual suspects are at the heart of inception and design of the blockchain and subsequent bit currencies. Some will benefit, those that either have cashed out recently or bought at the 10c a bitcoin and holding...assuming they've managed to keep their 'digital' wealth safe within the 'digital' wallet and away from the digital hackers...

    Like I said...C'mon folks, this is outrageous on all levels across all social aspects of human behaviour. Lets remember that IF this is all designed by them there chosen ones, then again we get to see 'the ole sit back and watch' the stupid ass muppets called complicitors forging this blueprint into reality...the everyday greed driven folk in all walks of life.

    Those designers have zero power and influence if the general folk didn't allow their self interest to dominate. We play right into their hands while they sip cognacs chuffing on cubans in the back rooms of monumental wealth while paying off social engineers to tweak and modify the masses.

    Example of this is the 'social credit system'...China leading the way, or is it China following orders from their creditors using the mandate procured from those hired social engineers?
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