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I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the co-founders of Bitcoin.com and the inventor of Bitcoin itself (some Aussie named Craig Wright who went by the name Satoshi Nakamoto) ... have intimate connections to the Zionist agenda.
That's what you wrote, so anyone reading it would confirm that you believe the inventor was indeed Craig Wright and wrote it in such a way that it was accurate. The link offered gave no reference for the reader that the link was referring to Craig Wright. I didn't look as I thought it was further reference to waterloo, of which I was already aware of.

This is why I said, "in all fairness" because many thought CW was Mr Bitcoin. Just as you did.

Yes it is strange that we don't know who is Mr BitCoin is, but that does not mean it's a psyops perpetrated by the Zionist machine. There's plenty of IT guru's out there with the required brain power and that pesky human ability to formulate a scam. Then again, it could just be a giant snowball effect that nobody really thought would grow to what we see today. Especially when you see the dominant investors coming out of Asia, from housewives to Chinese everyday folk, no different to the everyday Chinese investor in the Nation's stock market that saw an unprecedented "feverish manian" driven rise that required intervention by the state. All that was, was greedy Humans trying to catch the runaway money making scams of the stock market.

It would also make sense that if it was indeed a formulated scam by an individual or a small group, that a smoke screen of identity would help secure the scam. We see this everywhere within the orthodox money markets. Hidden companies hiding under an almost untraceable umbrella of diversions. It's how the rich hide and avoid.

So, in the world of the cryptocurrency, it's even more secure with no traceable account, no umbrellas, no identities to investigate. That's the genius of this particular event...and there's nothing illegal in the general sense. Those that invest can be traced via the exchange of actual currency but that's all above board and further clouds the who's who of the industry. We can see this same invisibility with all the other follow up crypto's that have hit the market exploiting a new avenue for making wealth. You or I could invent our own version if we wished. And that's legal.

Like I said, we'll have to wait and see how it all unfolds, and maybe we'll get a clearer picture...though I'm not holding my breath.