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Thread: deFOOing ... breaking connection with Family Of Origin (FOO)

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    deFOOing ... breaking connection with Family Of Origin (FOO)

    If anyone still believes that family unit breakdown, which has been witnessed in earnest in the last half-century, has been a natural byproduct of gender, racial, civil, etc. advances made by society, then perhaps they should watch the following video to get an introduction to the concept of deFOOing.

    I stumbled upon the video in my ongoing research of Stefan Molyneux. Merely suspecting Molyneux of being a Zionist mole is one thing. But here is actual proof of Molneux's agency with the Zionist agenda, which has been exposed some while back for trying to break up the family unit. Specifically, to break the traditional goyim family unit and pave way for a Zionized state to wrest control away from local parenting functions (e.g. father mother, grandparents, clan, etc.) and give it to the Zionized state for further programming. That sorta thing.

    Molyneux's podcasts dedicate a lot of time to the topic of deFOOing.

    What quicker way to target the family unit than to encourage the dissociation of the child from its parents? Indeed, I'd be on the lookout for this particular test, e.g. the advocacy of deFOOing, as a sure sign of someone that is up to no good.

    Our parents, as a rule, are still our best guides in the first trimester of the human life cycle. They are also our most trustworthy guardians, for the interests of the child are a natural extension of the self-interest of the parents, considerations of legacy with full standing. To this, Molyneux and his ilk are aggressively working to remove our guides and guardians.

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