While parts of the USA are in record breaking temps with snow drifts and ice, we're seeing frozen sharks, comatose lizard species in the south and low temps that almost defy belief in certain regions.

Then you got that fcuktard Trump using this seriously cold period as a stab at the global warming community as evidence that it's all a hoax...the Man's a total moron and the Trump voting citizens of the US are equally suspect allowing this moronic megalomaniac to continue influencing listeners with his outrageous twitter posts.

The reality among the scientific climate experts, (not some youtuber wannabe) is that these type of weather extremes during the winter periods has been forecast. It's not in any way unexpected and this particular weather bomb, as was the polar vortex a few years back, is directly due to the previous weather occurrences found throughout southern India and the lower Asian countries directly caused by the warmer Indian Ocean and cooler air coming down from the north.

Most folk don't understand how this works, how weather conditions 7000 miles away set-up future weather events in coming seasons. Worth a read-up in this area.

However, while parts of the US are freezing, down under in Australia is melting.

Sydney and it's western suburbs are experiencing severe heat with temps hitting 47.3C. Hot weather in Australia is normal but every year the temps are climbing and almost getting beyond Human ability to function.

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