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Thread: Solar Storm Forecast - 02-14-2018

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    Solar Storm Forecast - 02-14-2018

    Solar Storm Forecast - 02-14-2018

    Published on Feb 14, 2018

    We await the arrival of the Valentine's Day solar storm, which will be followed by some fast solar wind just behind it. This means we should enjoy some extended storm conditions over the next few days with a chance for aurora down to mid-latitudes! Meanwhile region 2699 continues to boost the solar flux for amateur radio operators, but this will only last for a few more days until the region rotates onto the Sun's backside and out of Earth view. Learn the what kind of storm conditions to expect, when radio propagation for amateur radio and emergency responders will worsen, and why it can be hard to predict the arrival of some solar storms!

    For daily and often hourly updates (during active times) visit me on Twitter:

    For a more in-depth look at the data and images highlighted in this video see these links below.

    Solar Imaging and Analysis:
    Flare Analysis:
    Computer Aided CME Tracking CACTUS:
    GOES Xray:
    GONG magnetic field synoptic movie:
    GONG magnetic field synoptic charts:
    LMSAL Heliophysics Events HEK

    Solar Wind:
    DISCOVR solar wind:
    ACE Solar Wind:

    Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, Atmosphere:
    GOES Magnetometer:
    Ionosphere D-Region Absorption (DRAP) model:
    Auroral Oval Ovation Products:
    Global 3-hr Kp index:
    Wing Kp index prediction:
    USGS Ground Magnetometers:
    USGS Disturbance Storm-Time (Dst):
    NAIRAS Radiation Storm Model:

    Multi-Purpose Space Environment Sites:

    Definition of Geomagnetic Storm, Radiation Storm, and Radio Blackout Levels:

    None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of those who have provided all of this data for public use.

    Images c/o NASA/ESA/CSA (most notably the superb SDO, SOHO, ACE, STEREO, CCMC, JPL & DSN teams, amazing professionals, hobbyists, institutions, organizations, agencies and amateurs such as those at the USAF/HAARP, NICT, NOAA, USGS, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Intellicast, Catatania,,,,,,, and more. Thanks for making Space Weather part of our every day dialogue.

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    Re: Solar Storm Forecast - 02-14-2018

    Solar Storm Forecast 03-01-2018

    Hope for Emergency Responders & Aurora Takes a Break: Solar Storm Forecast 03-01-2018

    Published on Mar 1, 2018

    The Sun quiets down this week after a series of solar storms have given us gorgeous aurora all over the world. Although aurora photographers get a rest, the amateur radio bands should be coming alive again as old region 2699 will be rotating into Earth view in a few days. This means emergency responders and amateur radio operators should enjoy a boost in radio propagation this week, but GPS operators need not worry as this returning region poses no immediate threat for radio blackouts. See details about these changes in the weather and catch up on aurora pictures form the recent solar storms!

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