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Thread: IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey

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    IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey

    Arguable the best animated film ever made...

    This micro version of Human society can be traced and discerned looking back in History. The pharaohs, priesthoods and its citizens, Some 5000 years ago...this was the toddler of the age, culminating into the monster we see today. The realization that the human mind is as malleable as dough. Able to be molded and shaped to believe and conform to anything. In other words, the rise of social engineering.

    The few ruling the many are powerless without the absolutely necessary component and tireless work-load from the seemingly endless supply of minions, who themselves have an even greater army of minions called the many, those being the everyday citizens.

    This macro version we see today, as illustrated in this compelling animation, is indicative of the global social-engineering mandated monster, designed, tweaked and administered to a readily eager mouth-foaming public who are unable to see, or refuse to remove the blinding filters that hinder their vision...

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