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Thread: Good Cop (nonChabad) ... Bad Cop (Chabad)

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    Good Cop (nonChabad) ... Bad Cop (Chabad)

    The Chabad Lubavitch movement represents an extremist militant faction of so-called Judaism ... Judaism being primarily a modern incarnation of one of three major religious sects in ancient Judea, the Pharisees (as opposed to the Saducees and Essenees), that left Judea for Babylon and which assumed new instructional codes while being there (e.g. The Talmud, Books of the Sanhedrin, etc.). No longer faithful to the Torah or the rest of the Old Testament, Judaism, a modern invented religion which never existed in ancient Judea, has the same distributional qualities as any other religion. Left extremist (book-referential), moderate, right extremist (person-referential). Chabad appears to be right extremist.

    The cult of personality dominates the Lubavites ... the most recent cult figure being Rabbi Schneerson. Cult is just one such name for right extremist organization. Other names include faction, gang, syndicate, mob, mafia, etc.

    That said, the following website is a good read to get up to par on Putin. Not only is the separation of church and state being undermined by Putin - a sure sign that Russia is a failing, culting, sheeping, "closing" society (not unlike Nazi Germany) - but Putin has forged ties with the right extremist distribution of so-called Judaism, which is the worst of his three options. Having bonds with moderate Judaism, or even left extremist Judaism (book-referential), are far better options. By embracing right extremist Judaism (person-referential), however, Putin has gone all-chips-in with the cult of personality and any and all criminal ambitions that that cult may harbor. And that list includes full spectrum dominance of the planet.

    Chabad Lubavitch is all about material acquisition and control and by whatever means ... there isn't even a pip of spirituality in it. In any event, this is just additional proof that Putin is a puppet of prodigal ponerological pawnmasters.


    A bitter rivalry has been ongoing in Russia for the past 10 years between Berel Lazar, chief rabbi for the Chabad-Lubavitch dominated Federation of Jewish Communities, and Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the pluralist Russian Jewish Congress, over who represents the Jews of Russia on an official basis. The Kremlin officially recognized Lazar as the religious leader of the Russian Jewish community, pushing aside the congress's Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, who until then had occupied the post.

    Since the installation of Rabbi Berel Lazar as the Chief Rabbi there have been a number of controversies associated with Chabad influence with premier Vladimir Putin, and their funding from Russian oligarchs such as Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich. Lazar is known for his purported close ties to Putin's Kremlin.

    Putin became close to the Chabad movement, since it is the largest Jewish organization in the FSU representing the majority of communities after a number of non-Chabad Jewish oligarchs and Rabbis including Vladimir Gusinsky (the founder of the non-Chabad Russian Jewish Congress) backed other candidates for president. Lev Leviev, a chabad oligarch supported Putin, and the close relationship between them led to him supporting the Chabad federation nomination of Lazar as Chief Rabbi of Russia, an appointment that Putin immediately recognized despite it not having been made by the established Jewish organisation. Lazar was referred to by some as Putin's "Court Jew".

    Lazar responded to those allegations by saying: "I do not know what a court Jew is. There are some people whose only purpose is to speak in condemnation of the government. I try to be objective. The situation in Russia has improved under Putin. People get pensions. The standard of living is rising. There are also negative phenomena, which deserve to be criticized. There is corruption at all levels, though that has been characteristic of Russia in the past 80 years. The reform is in bad shape and there are also many other ills."

    Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, who had been Chief Rabbi of Russia until 1998, argues that the Lazar is merely the appointee of Chabad and that he remains Chief Rabbi. What happened, he explains, "has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with politics and business. The president invites him to receptions and does not invite me. I am not offended."

    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt was expelled from Russia by order of the government, after having lived in Russia for fifteen years. According to rival oligarch Vladimir Slutsker, Goldschmidt told friends it was Slusker who had him expelled over his opposition to Chabad. Lazer made no protest at the expulsion of his rival, and within days was appointed to Putin's Public Chamber, a controversial body that human rights groups have criticised as a window dressing exercise, packed with Putin acolytes to "legitimize the government's increasingly authoritarian policies."

    According to an editorial in the Jerusalem Post the reason why Lazar has not protested Putin's arrests of Jewish Oligarchs and Goldschmidt's deportation is that "Russia's own chief rabbi, Chabad emissary Berel Lazar, is essentially a Kremlin appointee who has been made to neutralize the more outspoken and politically active leaders of rival Jewish organizations." In 2003 while many around the world criticised the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Lazar praised the action saying that "The future of the country shouldn't be in the hands of one man who has money."

    Rival RJC chair head Yevgeny Satanovsky said that Lazar's endorsement of the actions was intended to develop a role as the special Jew for Putin in order to strengthen the position of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which he said was built around the worship of Schneerson. Lazar responded that "it's no secret that I have a very good relationship with the president."

    Darkei Shalom synagogue

    The Darkei Shalom synagogue is a major synagogue in northern Moscow. It was affiliated with Chamah, a religious and social welfare movement on behalf of former Soviet Jews with offices in New York and Israel, as well as Moscow. The spiritual leader of Darkei Shalom, Rabbi David Karpov, is a devotee of the late Lubavitcher rebbe, yet over the years he has distanced himself from FEOR, the Chabad rabbinical grouping in Russia that appointed and is headed by Lazar. Kaprov was telephoned by Lazar telling him that the synagogue was being gifted to the Chabad movement by its owners and that he would have to leave the synagogue, and resign his post to make way for the a new Chabad emissary. Lazar suggested that if he fell into line with FEOR he may be allowed to stay. At the same time Kaprov received court orders over various technical and administrative issues, which Kaprov argued were due to Lazar pressuring Kaprov.

    In an open letter to Lazar, Rabbi Adolph Shayevich and 16 other rabbis wrote: "We would like to express our deep disappointment and discontent with the recent attempt of FEOR to forcefully capture the Darkei Shalom Congregation, one of the most successful and respected Jewish congregations of Russia. This kind of attitude demonstrated by Rabbi Berel Lazar contradicts the spirit of Torah and is apparently based on typical methods deployed by Russian criminals."

    Shayevich added in a statement to the press that "they already have too much money and power, and are using it to destroy all Jewish organizations which resist Chabad's total domination of Russian Jewish life."



    ps: The most obvious clue about Putin that everyone seems to gloss over or miss altogether ... are the inescapable trappings of cult. Like all the other megalomaniacal strongmen that ever imprinted human history, Putin is the epicenter of a cult of personality.

    ps2: It's only a reasonably informed guess at this point, but the Chabad Lubavitch movement appears to be a "bad cop" created by the Zionist elites so that the rest of their tribal conspiracy can shelter under the "good cop" tent.

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