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Thread: Sports betting and the Zionist Khazarian conspiracy ...

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    Sports betting and the Zionist Khazarian conspiracy ...

    What has ruined and wants to ruin families?

    What has destroyed and wants to destroy cultures?

    What has pushed baseline instincts into the spotlight?

    What has designed a dumbing down of the world's populations?

    What controls all major sports organizations?

    Where does sports gambling fit into all of the above?

    If you recognized that The Zionist Conspiracy is behind all the schemes mentioned above, then you should get an understanding of what is happening.

    But wait, there's a deeper deception going on. Who controls the SCOTUS, the final arbiter of laws in the country enfranchised back in 1776?

    That's right: three Ashkenazi Jews (Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan) and one cryptoJew of Sephardic origin (Sotomayor) ... or 4 of 9 appointed Supreme Court justices are part of the Zionist organization and conspiracy. 44% from less than 2% of the American population; and overrepresentation of 2200%.

    Now, here comes the deceptive part ... get ready ... drumbeat ...

    3 dissenting opinions (Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor)

    The Zionist/Khazarian conspiracy which helped install a 2200% overrepresentation of its tribe in SCOTUS - and whose ambitions align 100% with the sports gambling SCOTUS ruling (in fact, they almost certainly designed it by any reasonable analysis of cui bono) - are trying to pretend that three of its four tribal members are against the sports gambling ruling. That the goyim (5 nontribal puppets purchased by the Zionist order) are the majority voice behind the ruling.

    This is how the Zionist/Khazarian conspiracy operates, good folks ... false flag politics. They design and insinuate their own stakes, and when it is accounting time, they are nowhere to be found ... in this particular case, in apparent opposition.


    ps: In the end, all this merely adds to the preponderance revealing that all 9 SCOTUS justices are working for the conspiracy, 4 in tribal capacity and 5 in nontribal capacity.

    ps2: FTR, if gambling (and its addictive signature) should fall to the States for management; then why not everything else? Bring back the state militias. Get rid of the federal government altogether. That sorta thing. But you won't see that happening. Big government is still the main vehicle whereby the tribal conspiracy makes its bread and butter.

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